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Excessive Grain (Not ISO Bug)
  • I recently loaded the Moon T7 hack onto my GH2.

    In my most recent shoot I was using a 95mb/s Extreme Sandisk and 24H mode.

    I played the video on my computer when I got home to find it looks grainy. I used 400 ISO throughout the entire shoot and according to my meter I was properly exposed.

    Attached is a photo. I've seen shots from other people's moon t7 footage that are far more crisp. Any ideas?

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  • Well, it is mostly dark frame. What you expect to be? Noise is best seen if signal is low. :-)

  • That makes a lot of sense now that you say that because his hand and the curtain in the background are well lit and don't have much noise.

    Thanks for helping to educate me :)

  • @jondshank

    That frame doesn't look excessively noisy to me (considering it's a low key shot), if you want you can certainly denoise it and add a finer grain on top (to avoid banding/posterization).

  • I use Moon T8 and:

    • Yes, that noise it's perfectly normal for dark shots.

    • Crisp/sharp shots: is probably due to lenses and aperture people use.

  • Thank you guys so much! I was worried I was doing something wrong.