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Showreel 2015
  • It was about time I made something to sum up / show off. :) Hopefully this will be my first and last (showreel). Many thanks to this community for much valuable stuff over the years! Download is available.

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  • Oh, by the way - maybe we can have a little guessing game as to which camera is used for each shot? :) (the options are fs700 + odyssey 7q, arri alexa, red epic (dragon)).

  • Your work looks very pleasing. Have you done publicity work?

  • Thanks! Not sure I understand what you mean by publicity work?

  • advertising?

  • Actually, no - which is a bit strange considering I used to work as a graphic designer for ad agencies. The thing is though, most such jobs are done in / around the capital city of Sweden so they are pretty rare around where I live - and often when they happen in my area it's a team from there who fly up to shoot. Maybe it will change over time, but for now there's very little of such work.

    The upside is that I get to work on films instead! :)

  • well, is an interesting story. Im a graphic designer also, but change it for direction and cinematography in time. You are lucky to be more involved in movies, its a special process and every film crew has its mood for each project.

    I work mainly in advertising, this are my guys :

    i wish i could do more cinema here in Perú. Market is growing but its still small.

    Are you freelancer ?

  • Yes, I'm a freelancer. I guess a lot of it is down to the people I normally work with, which happened to be more into making drama than commercials! There are people in my town who are quite successful in doing commercials too... I'm hoping the future has some more of that in store also, as it would be good to earn a bit more. :)

    I really like the work you do, maybe a good idea would be to try and find a director you can get along with and take it from there?

  • I like the idea!

    so who you sugest as a director? ;)

  • I suggest trying to find someone near you who is in a similar situation as yourself. Someone who is driven and wants to make films! If you can get along well on a personal level, that's a great foundation, but also - it's preferable if it's a good writer too / or someone who realizes they need help from a writer! Then, when you have something good you start to work on funding, maybe adding a producer to your project! Don't count on a monetary return right away. :)

    Though it can work in other ways too, I'm sure. I'm working now on a sci-fi drama together with a writer. Not sure if I will direct or shoot the film.. I'm inclined towards directing in this case.

  • Hoping you are OK after the earthquake, @endotoxic!

  • Reel looks great. I'd try to eliminate the banding at 1:43 or remove that few seconds, as it detracts from the rest of the reel, which is brilliant. Great stuff here.

  • @matt_gh2 Thanks! it's a problem due to vimeo overcompression. It's not visible if you a) watch on a normal (not high end) screen or b) download the uploaded file (recommended if your'e on a high end screen)..

  • Cool, I was watching on a Samsung S5. Rock on

  • :) It has a good panel then? On my mbp (mid 2012), it works w/o horrible macro-blocking visible... As the panel is not very good. On my iMac it's horrendous, unless I turn the brightness down halfway or more (also a method to counter macro-blocking, though not ideal).

  • Regarding Samsung S5, I don't know too much about screen differences. The differences in screens is often a problem. I like to test my videos on a variety of screens (PC, Mac, ipad, iPhone, & Samsung), to make sure no big problems are there. (For your reel, it's only 2 seconds out of the whole, so it's probably not too much of a problem.)

  • Yes, I agree on both accounts!