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Nisi ND and other filters
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  • cheap and looks really good.

  • Image looks good, but that "other brand" comparison is a joke. Did they just find the crappiest ND filter they could?

  • Did they just find the crappiest ND filter they could?

    Of course, it is just enough to find one without IR cut usually.

  • NiSi filters look pretty damn good. "other brand" looks like a typical tiffen filter, known for a green color cast.

  • some chinese brand ND are actually pretty decent, the one I have (zomei) is probably the only one that still have the same thread size on the outer layer (works on tokina 11-16mm without vignetting too), so the existing lens cap still fit, and with coating I dont annoy flares like the eclipse nd fader do

  • The Nisi representative showing NewsShooter the "improvements" over other brands all seemed like cheaper manufacturing method & simplistic sale gimmick:

    -Instead of being 2 pieces of glass with a gel in the middle, they are 1 piece of glass with the ND coating on the outside. In my experience: glass filters will get scratched over time, light scratches on a traditional filter will not easily degrade the image. Scratches on the coating on the outside of the glass… that sounds like it would be worse. Like the stories I have heard about Cokin's resin filters.

    The waterproof feature is a joke, since all glass is water proof. If you want water to bead off your filter use some Rain-X. I bought some special household glass cleaner that makes it bead like that for $3 and has lasted on my car's windshield for 3 months so far, and I have enough for 50 applications to refresh it.

    You are going to want to clean you filters with Panchro mirror cleaner anyway, to get the grease from finger prints off (if you happened to accidentally to touch the filter in the wrong place). I worked as a camera assistant for 15 years and the best way to avoid having to clean filters is to handle them by the edges and so cleaning them is minimized. Use lens tissue once and throw it away after every wipe, don't use a microfiber cloth and those traditional glass filters will last for 20 years.

  • The waterproof feature is a joke, since all glass is water proof

    Usually it means not that it leaks water, but that it has special coating to make rain drops quickly run down.

  • Suitable for fotga M2?