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Short french documentary / GH2 + GH4
  • Hi guys and girls :-) here my last mini movie shotting in GH2 (interviews) and GH4 (the rest of footage) Someone will be dispapointed because it's in french language with no subtitles, sorry for that.

    Valdrôme, entre ciel et lavande

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  • Excellent. I just skimmed through. How did you do the audio, I can see the lavalier mic but wondering what you recorded into and what the mic was?

    I guess as filmmakers we should give a critique to help. Its a strange thing to say but the audio was almost too good for the images, a little over powering and maybe could be pulled down a bit and also that might get rid of some of the ambiance/room sounds which maybe are more noticeable that you would want. Normally the problem with Doc is the sound is crap, lol.

    I personally like to see more action shots even if they are of cut aways of the countryside or the homes but ideally the talkers doing something in their environment. Just interviews and old photos can work but its a bit formulaic IMO. Good work though, anyone who manages to make a Doc deserves praise. IMO

    *One extra thing I think would add something is if possible have some double or even 3 interviewees at the same time, even if they don't know each other you can capture some interaction between them as they confirm things about the past they are talking about.

  • A few thoughts. I only glanced through it as I couldn't understand the story (as you warned.) A lot of the shots look great. Good composition, most have good lighting. Most of the interviews look good, and have great audio which is important. A lot of the B-Roll during the video is great. But some critiques: The titles look very amateurish to my taste and the intro is too long and doesn't have much of anything to do with the content of the video (as far as I can tell). Some of those timelapse cut in with the B-Roll from the video, plus maybe a couple shots from the interviews, I would have liked better. At about 30 seconds I was wondering if I was going to watch (or not watch) 22 minutes of timelapses.

    But those critiques aside, it looks like fabulous work. I'd really like to go back and watch it with subtitles if you get the chance!

  • thanks guys !

  • Well having understood and appreciated your piece perfectly, I find it thoroughly professional throughout - and almost broadcast-able: (a TV audience would probably require an abridged version), whereas locals will enjoy every bit of the detail - and I think it is more of a promotional genre anyway.

    What could I add to improve on the well-framed, well-lit interviews and smooth use of B&W stills? Possibly a written paper which a narrator could present. Perhaps another intermittent theme with more movement to bring the story alive (Like the kid climbing down from the apple tree). Still, I think you've got some old folks talent and made the best of them. Congratulations!