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DaVinci Resolve 17 and older 16 and 15
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  • I am really enjoying this and believe it can replace PP2015 for many of my projects. Besides great color control, the tracking and stabilizing is fantastic. The limits are far fewer effects and the transform ranges seem limited. I can only scale things between .25 and 4. Is there some other way that someone can suggest? How would you zoom something from infinitely small to outside the frame?

  • @Jspatz asking the big questions. I hate those limits too!

  • The limits are far fewer effects and the transform ranges seem limited. I can only scale things between .25 and 4. Is there some other way that someone can suggest? How would you zoom something from infinitely small to outside the frame?

    You can use free HitFilm version in pair with it :-)

  • What I am missing in the free version (or haven't been able to find yet) is the denoise function in the matte finesse section - it seems to have gone. In the Resolve 11 lite version it was there. Without it any color qualification will be flawed.

  • @GMC It changed to Clean Black and Clean White. A little more to have to fiddle with, but it works well. You can always still use blur.

  • @joethepro correct, but I would say it's better to have it separated, more control.
    Cool 3d qualifier with Van Hurkman

    + a bit on matching (and thinking =)

    and shortcut sheet

    3300 x 2550 - 1M
  • thanks @joethepro and @maxr for your answers, very helpful! I will try that new clean black and white feature.

  • FIRST IMPRESSION: well for me, the most important improvement, PLAYBACK! Really, I am surprised this is not mentioned more often in the PR, the playback is so much more fluid, somehow eating far less resources. I have been grading GH4-4K H.264 files on both Apple and Windows in version 11 and it was dismal, inspite of rocket-fast array and loads of RAM.

    Now, with version 12, the playback is great, full 25 fps up until now. I am very happy!

  • Resolve 12 final (out of beta) is out.
    Case anyone needs to boost DR's hyperdrive engine fueled by tuttle, arena and/or other open source OFXs
    into realtime playback, from Tom Huczek of timeinpixels a great and succinct reading:
    - - Caching in DaVinci Resolve 12 - -

    for those who think reading's 4 intellectuals

  • Quite courageous – the last beta was still really buggy …

  • For those working in this, what's the dif's between Resolve 11 & 12 just as a grading program, in practical things?

    Just downloaded the freebie 12, wondering whether I should go with that or the "stable" 11 version.


  • Well, the 3D-Keyer can separate close colors considerably better than the old ones. The tracker got a perspective option that's working really well. Other than that, it's some nice, small improvements of the workflow.

  • @nomad Thanks ... suppose I might as well just use the new 12.


  • There is also a new Colour Management mode which helps when grading raw or log footage. The interface has changed the positions of many items and is taking me some time to be familiar with.

  • I have a 6 core 3.33GHZ Mac Pro with 32GB of ram and a GTX 980 graphics card. I also have an older 8 core Mac Pro 3.0 GHZ with an AMD R9 280X graphics card and 12GB of ram. I am interested in learning how to grade and edit with DaVinci Resolve 12. I wanted to know if my system is good enough in terms of hardware for DaVinci Resolve 12. I currently use Final Cut Pro X for reference. Thanks.....

  • Try it – it's free…

  • Hi guys,

    I am in a middle of a low season going trough my installs and updates, and would really like to try out the new Resolve 12, but there is a big dilemma..

    It requires osx 10.9.5 to run on my mac.. lame

    Last time I installed Maverics, I had a serious problem with my purchased cs5.5 premiere pro and other programs which are still my workhorse programs..

    I had to downgrade, I lost a week of working time and it was a MAJOR pain in the ass..

    I DECIDED I AM NOT UPGRADING AGAIN. At least as long as we are inside this strange platform wars or smthng..

    Does anyone have a workaround or any piece of good advice on this..

    • my question is -

    how to install Resolve 12 without the upgrade ( I am running 10.8.5 at the moment ) - or - how to be 100% buletproof sure my cs5.5 software will work if I upgrade to the latest OSX?

    Thanks a lot!

  • @Oblikovalnik

    I'd recommend checking in the Adobe Premiere Pro forum ... I know there are a some that do post there that have CS5.5 or 6 still in operation on a Mac ...[published]~objecttype~objecttype[thread]

  • @Az0 Absolutely. You are well above the minimums for 1080. Your older machine will have a harder time with 4k.

  • @joethepro Thank you for your reply. I did not want to download and install if my computer wasn't capable to edit 4K.

    I have a question for you that you may or may not be able to answer. With Final Cut Pro X when I export a file to ProRes it looks exactly the same when I view it with Quicktime and in Final Cut Pro X. With DaVinci Resolve 12 when I export a file it looks a lot brighter like I lifted the gamma or something in comparison to viewing in DaVinci Resolve.

    I don't have an expensive 10bit panel to color grade on. I have 2=DELL U2713HM 1440p monitors and calibrate it with an X-Rite ColorMunki Display if that makes any difference.