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PIX-E 4K recorder from Sound Devices
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  • I don't think any resellers are actually shipping yet.

  • People have already got it, I've seen in other places people posting about it.

  • I am waiting to buy at the earliest opportunity so if anyone can tell me where would appreciate it.

  • Fullcompass is having one drop shipped to me.

  • So the PIX-E5H will be shipped at end of this month? Cant wait to get it to unleash my A7S!

  • My pix-e5 showed up today.

    First impression: "damn, this thing is built like a brick. I hope my friction arms can support it, especially with the weight of a couple of batteries added."

    Assuming the rain lets up for a little bit tonight/this evening, I'll be taking it out for a test with my A7s. Any requests for specific conditions?


    Gets very hot. Has fan which turns one when not recording

    Interesting tidbits to learn, though still keen on one :-)

  • My 7Q+ gets hot enough to fry an egg on it. However it is built to take it and will even work at 203F.

    I assume that Video Devices have used similar electronic components in the PIX that can take the heat from all the processing necessary.

  • The Cinema5D review is pretty much right - and I'm glad that the hotshoe ballhead they found is working well. I'll probably follow suit since my friction arms are able to hold it up... but barely and it's hard to get the screen level with the camera which makes it difficult to judge horizon flatness.

    I took mine out for a bit last night with my A7s. For the most part, the recorder did exactly what I expected it to do and didn't make any fuss about things. Focusing with tap zoom is great. The physical buttons are nice and the interface is intuitive.

    I didn't think to check the audio settings - I just assumed that by default it would record HDMI audio. That seems not to have been the case (that or I missed an option on the A7s to export audio over HDMI), though luckily none of my test shots really needed it (an excellent reason to test gear before shooting something which matters with it!). So - whoever else gets one, make sure to go into the audio menus and make sure that HDMI audio is assigned a track.

    One other bit of weirdness - there were two times last night where I recorded something, waited for the record light to stop blinking, and then turned off the e5 and unplugged it. Then I carried it and the camera somewhere else. When I hooked it all back up and tried recording again, the e5 said that no recording media was detected. I unplugged and re-plugged the speeddrive and got the same error again. I shut it off, pulled both batteries, and turned it back on again. Then it found the media and was able to play/record again. Every other time, it worked OK. I'll probably open a support ticket with the manufacturer about that.

    Oh yeah, and it does get pretty hot to the touch. Mine hasn't heated up to the point of burning me, though, so as long as it keeps working, no big deal!

  • New PIX-E5/PIX-E5H firmware (1.05) released:

    This version adds support for LUTs as well as Panasonic HDMI record triggers (for the GH4).

  • Also the PIX-E5 records 4k in both UHD and DCI 4K. Something to think about that Atomos doesn't do.

  • Anyone know if the D750 can trigger this to record?

  • New firmware (1.10) for the Pix devices brings:

    Accepts Higher Frame rate HD upto 120fps
    Anamorphic De-squeeze support for GH4
    6G-SDI to support 4K recording over a single SDI cable
    Peaking & Zebras - now allows simultaneous viewing
    Enhanced playback - Frame-by-frame jog, shuttle (from 1/8x to 32x) plus FF & RW 2x to 16x speed.

    Firmware link.

  • It started shipping but not in stock in most places,

  • I'm interested how PIX-LR XLR Audio Interface performs but it seems that it's still unavailable. I have high hopes for it, if all features like pre-amps and limiter are standard Audio Devices quality, that could simplify rig setup / workflow a lot.

  • Beautiful images from that studio103 test! As a GH4 user who contemplates adding an external 4K recorder & possibly a Sony to my arsenal, I'd appreciate feedback from anyone who has both the GH4 and Sony A7S/II as to how final image improvements compare between cameras after external recording with one of these devices (including Shogun etc.) in high bit rate ProRes. And which camera's image is improved the most from external recording? Comparing how well Slog & Vlog grade would be particularly interesting and especially noting how each renders skintones after external recording/grading. Also of note GH4 outputs 10 bit/422 while Sony is 8 bit/422. Other then subject matter such as skies/sunsets for ex., do the 10 bit files look noticeably better?

  • I currently have a Ninja II, Shuttle II, and 7Q+ recorders

    For my use the codec in the GH4 is so good that I see little improvement when using a external recorder.

    It is absolutely necessary in order to extend the record time in a Nikon or Sony. There was also a very noticeable improvement when used with my A7s, so much so that I would not shoot without it. I sent my A7sII back as the A7s is better for my use.