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Looking for Russian Lenses that would fully work on Leica M bayonet mount like for Leica M6
  • Was researching about, which Russian Lenses would work fully on Leica M bayonet mount like for Leica M6. Some of them can be adapted with the M39 screw mount, but then would not focus right. And in the end I did not understand, which ones would really work. Which ones can connect to the Leica Rangefinder focus system. Jupiter 8, 9, 12? Anybody has some suggestions or has got some for sale?

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  • Maybe try contacting Raf at link below. He specializes in selling Russian lenses and adapters.

  • @matt_gh2 Thanks, but Raf does only cine lenses.

  • Why do they need to be Russian lenses specifically?

  • @eatstoomuchjam I did some great experiences with several soviet lenses on GH2/3 (Mir, Helios, Jupiter etc.) Great sharpness, great bokeh, cheap prices, Unfortunately they don't work on my Leica M6. So I was looking for some hints for similar lenses for the M6. If you have some suggestions eventhough they are not russian, would be fine.

  • @gameb Raf also sells Jupiter lenses, so I'd definitley email him asking advice. If he doesn't have product/adapter, he may be able to point you in right direction. Good luck. (I used Lomos - perhaps try those. Mine are 1972 OCT-18 mount ~$150 for an f2.2 50mm and ~$350 for a f2.4 28mm (maybe Raf has these and adapter for your camera)

  • @matt_gh2 Thanks. raf already answered that he only touches cine lenses, but I will try again, with your infos. Did you use the Lomos with a Leica rangefinder?

  • I have used a Jupiter 8 m39 lens, when I adapted it on to my gh2 it was one of the sharpest lenses I had ever used and very small. I would recommend the 8 for a 50mm and I'm sure the other Jupiters are good.

  • @gameb I suggest looking into Voigtlander's lenses for M mount. If you can find them used, they're pretty affordable, though probably not as cheap as vintage Russian glass. Also, they'll be a bit more contrasty than the older stuff.

  • @gameb I've only used my Lomos on GH2, but would definitely be curious to see how Rangefinder paired with Russian lenses looks.