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PIX-E 4K recorder from Sound Devices
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    This new line of Video Devices monitors feature 1920x1080 five-inch (PIX-E5 and PIX-E5H) and 1920x1200 seven-inch (PIX-E7) LCDs, a full suite of precision monitoring tools, SDI and HDMI I/O, plus the ability to record 4K and Apple ProRes 4444 XQ edit-ready files to affordable mSATA-based SpeedDrives.

    I wonder how much is their cheapest one with the HDMI only recorder? This could be good for gimbal setup as well as 5" is much more compact.

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  • Very optimistic/hopeful the PIX-E5H will beat the Atomos Shogun in all areas: smaller / better build quality / cheaper.

    As at the moment the Shogun is the best option for the A7s, but I still don't think it is a particularly good one. There is surely better yet to come to match to the A7s!

  • I'm really interested in the E5H also. Hopefully NAB brings good news for the cost.

  • The Shogun has XLR audio inputs via a dongle. It appears the PIX requires a separate device to deliver XLR inputs that adds both cost and weight to the package. If Atomos launches a more compact 5" display version with the same features as the current Shogun, I'd probably go that route (especially if it clocks in a little cheaper).

  • Even if it does require an extra device for sound, I would be willing to bet that SoundDevices will have the upper hand quality-wise when it comes to audio. In that department, they really do know what they're doing.

  • Sound Devices makes excellent hardware. I bet these won't be even remotely 'cheap' but they'll be worth it. At 5" I'd buy one, although I'm still hoping for a screen-less recording device like a 4K Ninja Star as I already have good-enough field monitoring and EVF devices. I'm less interested in audio as I rarely record on-board except for sync and don't want an extra cable or wireless gizmo hanging off my gimbal, but it would be nice for the shoulder-rig to handle a G3 setup or something similar for a lav + boom/shotgun/handset.

  • PIX-E5H (5", 1920x1080, HDMI only) $1,195

    PIX-E5 (5", 1920x1080, HDMI +SDI) $1,395

    PIX-E7 (7", 1920x1200, HDMI +SDI) $1,595

  • Wow at that price it is pretty tempting!

  • The question is, how do these compare with the BlackMagic 5" HD monitor also just released.

  • I tend to trust Blackmagic with faithful image representation more than Sound Devices, but I've never used a Sound Devices product that wasn't a sound mixer. They build their mixers like tanks though, so it's hard to say. All else being equal, these record 4K, whereas the Blackmagic Video Assist of course records only 1080p.

    If I were buying a monitor / recorder today, I'd probably still buy an Atomos Shogun, at student pricing of $1500. I love the Atomos interface and ease of use, plus the lemo break-out cables are a huge asset.

  • Something that people are not talking about which puts the PIX E5 in a league of its own. The PIX-LR put sound devices pre amps for only........... $ 300. This is huge and in many ways future proof this recorder a lot more, imagine that the cheapest sound devices audio only recorder is $ 2000. So you can get a full featured professional monitor, 4k recorder and audio recorder for $ 1500 !!!!!!!!!!! I mean it is lower than the shogun or Odyssey 7Q. The only thing I would like to know and for reporters to ask them if they intend to supply raw recording in the future. Something I am sure the hardware should be capable of.

  • @danyyyel That is the reason the PIX has piqued my interest too... I am waiting to see the specs, to see how the audio compares to their other sound recorders.
    If it's true that your getting sound devices quality or even close... That would make this very attractive :)

  • The only thing keeping me from committing to a PIX-E and PIX-LR combo is whether or not it will support anamorphic desqueeze like the shogun and odyssey. anyone know?

  • Let the price wars begin!

    Odyssey just added two of their SSD free to their 7Q+ and made the new cheaper Samsung SSD compatible.

    Atomos dropped the Shogun price $300 and upgraded their software.

    The PIX E5-E7 are all going to be very competitively priced

    I just got back from NAB where I had "Hands On" and liked the E7 best but may get a 7Q+ if I can not wait till Nov-Dec availability.

  • The previous generation of Sound Devices PIX recorders were nice, rugged but a little heavy and kind of expensive. Very reliable in my experience and the sound quality and preamps on them was excellent (as you'd expect from Sound Devices).

    These new 4K ones look great: smaller, lighter, less expensive. The PIX-LR looks like a steal for $300, it's like adding a compact MixPre to your monitor and video recorder. I mean, a standalone MixPre-D would set you back $900 at current pricing, without recording capabilities.

    Pricing on these is much more aggressive than I had expected. I just wonder how much the drives are going to cost ...

  • The drive price sounded reasonable but you can use cheaper ones (mSATA) up to 1TB with the included adapter. I was at NAB soo long that my brain fried so don't quote the $45 I remember hearing for an extra USB 3.0 container/adapter

  • I am super excited for these. Normally existing on a cheaper end of the gear scale, I splurged for a Sound Devices 633 last year and it is by far the best piece of gear I've ever used. Now they're making 4k recorders for less than a Shogun? Definately might tempt me for the A7s and GH4...

  • I like a 7" Monitor but the cheaper PIX-E5 was higher resolution and also a 2x zoom. The image was the "Best of Show". If you are going to mount on camera, this is the way to go. They are very well built indeed.

  • I agree about the price wars--the price of these HDMI recorders needs to get seriously low! Could care less about the sound, need rock solid video recording and a larger choice of codecs.

  • I just added my "Hands On" review to the B&H site. The NAB show rep said these would be available in November. I am surprised that they are already out, very contrary to their competitors that have been so late on their products and firmware updates.

  • I read on another forum yesterday from a camera employee that they're shipping "today"!! (I.e. yesterday)

    Quite excited to see user reviews. Now we just need the BMD VA to ship so I can compare, though I expect in the end I'll go with the VA

  • Indeed if all you want to record is HD, the much cheaper Black Magic VA is the way to go.

    What I do not know yet is how the PIX handles DownRes 4k to 1080P30. The 7Q+ does such a good job that it is "Night to Day" improvement over anything recorded internally with the A7s. I also enjoy the 7 inch monitor so the PIX-7 would be my choice when it comes out.

  • The advantages of the PIX-E5 however.... 444, an additional audio option, and way way way more features (BMD VA is rather light on that).

  • Now that it is shipping, has anybody got trigger recording going from their Sony camera?