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FS: Vintage Arri Zeiss lenses (with PL adapters)
  • Love these old lenses, but I'm thinking of financing a new camera and if I go through with the purchase these lenses will have to be sacrificed!

    I have a set of Arri Zeiss lenses, in standard mount with PL adapters. The set is 24/32/50/85 all lenses have arri pitch gears installed, and 80mm fronts. The 50/85 are clickless, but the 24/32 have not been de-clicked. Glass is very nice, though the 24 has some cleaning marks on the front. These lenses range from the late 60's to early 70's and are the pre T* coating. I'll also throw in a set of Tiffen diopters +1, +2, +4.

    You can view photos of the set here: Also, you can view a promo spot shot with these lenses here: (sorry for the excessive flares, but the client gets what they asked for!)

    Looking for $7500 for the set.

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  • For some reason I keep getting 404's with the links incase they don't work for you:

    Photos: Vimeo link:

  • WOW...very nice look, im also hooked on old glass but anamorphics.....i still want to try some old lenses from 16 or 35mm cine cameras, C-mount type.

  • I love old anamorphics as well...I have a lomo set that I'll probably take to my grave!

  • I'll also throw in the Pelican 1510 with custom laser cut foam for a buyer!

  • $7k for this set shipped in the US!

  • I found an additional focus ring (which will fit on a 16mm if you wanted to buy one to round out this set).

    $7k for lenses, case, and extra focus ring.

  • $6500 OBO for this lens set if anyone is interested. I'll also throw into set for free a PL mounted Carl Zeiss Biometar 120mm (that has it's aperture stuck wide open and needs some TLC from a tech).

  • $6k for this lens set!