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Driftwood Cluster X Series 4:│Moon T8│Spizz T7
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  • @matt_gh2 Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

  • I have been using everything put out by Driftwood in the past. However, I am more interested in 720 60p now in comparison to 1080 24p. Would Driftwood Moon T8 be the recommended setting for all around quality 60p? If not what others would you recommend?

  • Just got back from E Africa. Holiday safari. T8 on 720 50P. Hundreds of clips, manual settings. T8 performed faultlessly. I took 'SanityX' in case of problems but it was not required.

  • @aklumix, so far I have found Moon T8 to be excellent for 60P, much better than the other hacks I've tried. Moon T8 is a winner for me.

  • Gh2 whit moon, pancake 20 and 14-140 anamorphic la7200

  • moon t9 is nearing completion... apologies for delay - still fine tuning HBR.

    1920 x 1080 - 267K
  • looking forward driftwood, thanks in advance!

  • I did re-upload the 24p Moon T4/T7/T8 comparison test:

    If your browser still complains about security thread, mine did not. Original files, each 5 seconds.

    BTW, i had recently camera freezes with Moon T7 in HBR-Mode/Pal on the recommended fast 64gig cards. Did use Pasadena Audio hack and 384kbs for audio bandwith.

  • awesome news driftwood:] any hints about it? how it differs from other moons? Thank you!

  • @driftwood, that screen grab looks fantastic, I can't wait to try T9!

    I did an interview shoot with T8 yesterday, and at ISO 250 I was getting some noise in the guy's black shirt. I'm beginning to think I need to do some higher ISO testing to see if there is something to what @Maya was saying a while ago about 1000-1600 (I think it was) being the sweet spot for T8. I played around with that a bit after I read Maya's comment, and I have to say it looked a lot better than I expected.

    Any suggestions from anyone? There is a lot I love about my GH2 with Driftwood's settings on it, but sometimes it would be nice to see a bit less noise compared to the perfectly clean footage from the GH4 in the same shoot...

    I was shooting with a Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 on the GH2 with T8, and as usual the client commented more favorably on the GH2 footage than he did on the GH4 footage... Lol. The GH4 had a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 on a Vitaliy RJ Speed Booster, and I thought it looked fantastic, even though the client had more favorable comments for the GH2/Moon T8 footage. :)

    EDIT: I was looking at the footage at the shoot on an old laptop the client had handy. Now that I'm looking at the footage on my good monitor, the noise in the black shirt is MUCH less than I thought, and most of the noise I'm seeing is in that normal red channel. It's not so bad. I do think I want to invest in some NeatVideo color panels though so I can shoot some footage of that every time and create my noise reduction profile for the specific setup I'm shooting.

  • @Driftwood: T9 screen grab looks absolutely amazing as anticipated, looks to me like you've done some work on the noise issue tremendiously Nick, loving the look. Can't thank you enough for your efforts in making this little camera of ours a superb cam. Preciate you.

  • The screen grab of T9 is with Vibrant profile, right?

  • @driftwood thanks for always improving the GH2 waiting for T9

  • I shot a little project for a friend a few days ago (I mentioned a few posts above this one), and I'm starting to put it together. The Moon T8'd GH2 had the benefit of a Rokinon 85mm lens at about 1.8, while the GH4 shooting 4K had a Nikkor AIS 50mm 1.4 at about 1.8 on an RJ Speed Booster. The old Nikkor just isn't as sharp as the Rokinon, and it also suffers from some chromatic aberration. I did my best to de-fringe the GH4 footage, but it still looks a bit of a mess -- I need a more current 50mm lens... At any rate, here are a couple of screen grabs for comparison:

    1280 x 720 - 337K
    1280 x 720 - 387K
  • skintones look better on GH2:) It may be a lens-look difference, though.

  • I think you are probably right about that, but I also didn't like a lot of what my attempt at defringing was doing, so here is a comparative screenshot from the GH4 without the defringing:

    1280 x 720 - 387K
  • I don't think defringing made a difference - to me the GH4 shot is a bit plasticky-waxy, if you will...:)

  • I don't think Driftwood can improve the GH2 much more. I haven't switched a hack for sometime now, that's how satisfied and confident I am with my GH2.

  • @Gardner, nice stuff! Is that some more Spizz SH mode slowed to 40% for the slowmo? Did you shoot the indoor stuff at 60fps also if so?

    Also, assuming you shot a lot or all of that Cody Stoner video at 60fps, did you scale it up to 1080 or something? The image quality is fantastic, even with the YouTube compression!

  • @Gardner: "I don't think Driftwood can improve the GH2 much more."

    Since Moon T9 is coming, obviously there is some little more improvement possible. But I agree with you that it will be not something significant. And that's because all the hard work was spent unilaterally for the GH2 codec and bitrate at all. The significant improvements should've come if a work was spent for GH2 profiles and their parameters! I appealed about such an idea two years ago, but was a voice in a desert.

  • @Tjabo I have been having noise/grain (not the good kind) issues for a while now and on issue of improving the GH2 many of the limitations of the GH2 sensor we all try to address here via firmware tweaks...and look for that ideal or "perfect" or secret setting....its easy to forget that what we really sometimes just need are good harware solutions such as the best lenses we can afford to use...Seriously, most of my recent low light issues have been solved with the Voightlander f.95 lens. I posted this somewhere else on the sight this morning but realize this is a good place because it addresses a larger issue....back when I started as an audio engineer and digial audio was new..(think the alesis ADAT) everyone used to say "Garbage in, garbage out".. This applies to the GH2 perfectly...While I've rarely had issues of quality during daylight hours or when shooting jobs where we had proper budgets for Kinos and other lighting packages....The low light issues have plagued me and for a while I thought I was done with the GH2 and it was back to renting 5D, FS 700, REd or whatever...This is the second time I rented a Voightlander, I went out last night using the Sanity 5.1 hack. (While its reliable, Im only getting 38Mbps data rates which I no longer care about because the images hold up)...I gotta say that all my issues with the GH2 and low light went away.. On my next gig, the 10% biz expenses will be going to getting the 17.5mm version (seen below shooting at ISO 320 I might add) as well as the 25 and 45.5 versions. If I were a salesman for pushing GH2s I would sell the voightlander lenses as THE neccessary kit to have. While I understand many hobbyists or home enthusiasts may not want to spend $950 bucks on a lens... (Lord knows I've bought my share of $30 vintage glass) it really does make the camera do what we all want them to do or at least dream of doing..the hacks afterwards then become just the icing on the cake....

  • @driftwood good news ya. please do release a bitrate lowered version of ALL-I frame Moon t9. i am looking for bitrate around 100mbps. 140mbps is too much to handle. other releases are not doing all i frames. please do release a alter version.

  • @Gardner: "I don't think Driftwood can improve the GH2 much more."

    The hack is getting less excited. The latest PTOOL is getting older and the last supported Lumix are GH2/G3/GX1. I think Driftwood already found that GH2 + current PTOOL is already in its limits and he knows that. It is the time for newer PTOOL liberating latest Lumix camera or we could walk easily by thinking there will be no newer PTOOL and try to satisfy with whatever Panasonic gave in their latest Lumix.
  • I don't think anything significant can be done on the GH2 again except as @producers said, work on profiles with new parameters. Paired with some good lenses though, I am still using and enjoying Intravenus II and Moon T8. But I am gonna see what Moon T9 is gonna offer.

    On another note it will be really cool if there was that kinda Magic Lantern hack on the GH line. I know, I know it's something quite different lol. Wishful thinking...

  • Guys guys guys...don't ever doubt @driftwood . He's done so much magic it's insane. If he's working on something, it's because he sees value in it. Rock on Nick, we love your work.