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Shots from a hurricane or heavy storm
  • I am working since 1 year on a Video with the scientific support of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center in Belize and a Swedish environmental organisation called about the consequences of climate change for the coastal areas of the Caribbean Region with a lot of life music in there. Its called "1.5 Stay Alive". Its a campaign film not a documentary. Here is a trailer you can watch:

    password is: world

    So this project is coming now to an end of editing (aprox 55 minutes). I was wondering if somebody had some footage about hurricanes or storms taking place in the Caribbean Region, winds, rain etc and some destruction-shots we could share. The film is not for TV or any commercial institutions but only for worldwide environmental organisations and educational purposes in schools etc in the Caribbean and Latin-American Region. So in case somebody has some stuff, we could obviously pay something, but very basic stuff. We would need aprox 1 minute edited. Its quite urgent so. Thanks for helping out.

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  • That was downright enjoyable

  • I too am in need of typhoon/hurricane footage for a current project. Has to be in developing world. PM is anyone has anything.

  • @gameb nice work and an interesting & important topic. Unfortunately I don't have any such footage. Have you tried looking for stock footage?

  • Yes I found some footage from NATUREFOOTAGE, quite expensive, but thats what I got until now, hopefully I will find somebody who has got the right stuff for me...

  • I was on Bonaire (NA) during September 2004 when hurricane Ivan went through. We were not directly hit by the storm, but suffered quite a bit of damage from the following storm surge. Here's some of the video I captured in this video. Contact me if you are interested in this footage (all shot in 720p with an JVC HD10U.

  • @ScubaBob Thanks a lot, what I needed was actually destruction on the land, may be caribbean village destructed...