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GH4 Firmware News
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  • @natureflixs And don't forget the 8-bit uncalibrated displays.

  • @mrbill It takes much more than bit to achieve a very nice chromakey.

  • Umm - yes, I know that. However, most of my post is done in 10bit, and there is a distinct difference (assuming the chromakey is properly lit) between 8 and 10bit. Personally, I'm delighted by the firmware upgrade and looking forward to a happy Ninja Blade marriage with the GH4

  • I am using a gh4 in conjunction with an Atomos Ninja Star, after the update I can now get 25P over the HDMI but I am unable to get the GH4 to trigger the Ninja Star to Start/stop recording. Is anyone else having this problem with the ninja star or other atomos products?

  • This update is great - am now getting 25p output from the GH4 through the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle through Black Syphon and into Magic (VJ software) - long wait but worth it!

  • @fathomvfx - no problem triggering Ninja Blade from my GH4

  • @mickos - reports that best 1080p from hdmi comes from setting GH4 to 4k UHD, 1080p in down convert, and selecting 10bit. Just passing it along...

  • @fathomvfx - i have a same problem, in a first place i figured out that i have to turn on time code over hdmi to see hdmi icons (pause, record) but i can't trigger ninja star despite the fact that timecode is counting up and red record icon blinking. No idea if this will require another fix from Panasonic (doh) or ninja star firmware update. 25fps non interlaced output is nice though!

  • @crustovsky - go to the atomos forum and the ninja section - under the GH4 firmware thread there is a user called Gary Huff who has his ninja star working

  • @mrbill i couldn't find definite answer but i asked in there lets see what they will write back, I'm not happy about the fact that it doesn't simply work, what they spend extra month on ?

  • Yeah, I'm wondering why the Ninja Star doesn't "just work" as well, if it supposedly already supports this feature with other cameras. I'll also post on the Atomos forum.

  • Best place, I think. Page two of 'the awaited GH4 upgrade' thread in the ninja category might hold some clues

  • thanks @mrbill I'll try that!

  • Very sorry - Mr Huff has got his ninja blade working but not his ninja star. My bad

  • We received our battle scarred GH4 back on Monday, updated to 2.1 and ran some tests, we can confirm the Ninja 2 & Ninja Star require a firmware update to enable triggering from the GH4, I believe the team are working on this, unsure of the ETA as yet.

    From Patrick at Atomos on their forum.

  • I'm using the gH4 with the Blade in PAL land. I can't trigger. The hdmi recording control on the Gh4 is greyed out. Anything stupid I am doing/not doing?

  • Belfryman, to my knowledge (and I haven't done this yet, because I have a Star), there are TWO HDMI settings you need to change, one of them enables the other, and they are in separate menus. Give a whirl through this thread and the forum posts at Atomos on the Shogun and there is some mention of the exact two settings you need to set and in what order, to turn that on. Don't forget to also set your blade to HDMI as the input trigger source.

  • @StudioDCCreative Thanks, I've just sorted it, it was indeed a second setting in the GH4 I hadn't turned on, forgotten what it was already! but was to do with turning timecode on, now all fine and dandy. Thank you.

  • Here's the next round of rumours - this from voldemort hideout forum

    On 11 February 2015 21:07:37, Julian said:

    On a more serious note: Andrew, I'd love to read a write up about the new NX1 firmware and your opinion on it vs the GH4.

    ​Coming soon. New firmware is great! But wait till you see what is in store for the GH4 ;)

  • They should add some good shit to GH4 if not a lot of users may switch to A7S or NX1 and then they are not coming back to m43 even if next Panasonic model adds some good features.

  • Reasonable guess: V-Log, aspect ratio crop lines

    Far fetched guess: V-Raw. It was listed as a raw format supported by Atomos Shogun, and Yoshiyuki Inoue of Panasonic said engineers had been looking into it and they could potentially put it in a future firmware update in his interview with Reid.

    On one hand, Panasonic need to take drastic action if they want to hold on to the GH4's perception as an advanced video camera in the marketplace. This would be a very smart way to do so. And Inoue being so open to the concept and acknowledging thr possibility is very unusual for a corporate interview where these kind of enquiries are usually met with a brick wall response.

    On the other hand, it would be unusually progressive for a Japanese electronics company, and they could easily save this feature for the GH5.

    Whatever the case, I'm hoping they're getting aggressive.

  • I downloaded the GH4 firmware 2.1 zip file. Unzipped it and copied the .ebn and .bin files to the root directory of the SD card. Inserted the SD card in the camera, turned it on and pressed the play button. It did not recognize the firmware files and the message on the display was "no pictures to play". Has anyone had the same issue during the upgrade? I have upgraded both GH4 and GH2 many times before and never had this problem. The .bin file is named AH4_V21 vs. the previous version that was named GH4_V20.

  • Do you have a vague idea what the release date is then?

    I do. But I'm not saying.

    Illya Friedman Hot Rod Cameras

    This from a thread on v-log and when it might be coming. Illya from HotRod being annoyingly coy, if I may say so...

  • @Zaven13 You have the wrong file. It's for the YAGH accessory. You need: GH4__V21.bin

  • Someone is going to hack this thing if panny doesnt want to make real upgrades