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Driftwood Cluster X Series 4:│Moon T8│Spizz T7
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  • I tried Moon T4 as the sharpest patch, although I wouldn't say it since no visible difference even with Sharpness at +2 and kit lens 14-45:

  • @producer Too bad T4 wasn't as sharp as you wanted. On a separate note,the video you posted looks good.

  • I have read this entire thread a couple of times over the past few days, and I am confused! Lol...

    My testing with ClassiX has shown that it provides a nice image, but stops recording after about four minutes. That is with the Panny 12-35, so possibly there's too much sharpness there for it, as @driftwood has said it is a processor stressing setting.

    Much of what I see from Moon T8 looks great in the darks, but sometimes noisy in the brighter areas. Still, to me it looks best of the 24H samples, and the wedding that @kris shot with it in 720P looks fantastic too. I guess I'll play with Moon T8 next until Moon T9 is released.

    On the other hand, I may have to try Nebula after what @driftwood said, and after watching one clip posted here, but then again, I would like a nice solid, high quality 720P mode, so maybe I have to try Spizz, too... Haha.

    So many fantastic toys to play with, thank you Vitaliy and Driftwood!

  • My first "moonT8"720p with Brushless Gimbal . Thank you Mr Driftwood (^^)!

  • any news on Moon T9?

  • A quiet and cold winter evening GH2@Triftwood Spizz T7 14mm

  • @kousuken, I thought that footage looked really good, especially for 720 with the GH2.

    I have found the 720 with ClassiX to be too noisy, so I'm going to have to try Moon T8 quite soon. Others have posted some really nice 720 footage with Moon T8 as well.

  • Ok, weighing in representing the complete amateur crowd, Moon T8 is amazing!

    I shot a few things on Moon T7, and really liked it, but there was a fair amount of noise in the dark areas that required NeatVideo to clean up for me to be comfortable with it. It was great overall though, and I loved it.

    I got one of the first deliveries of GH4s that were available here, and sort of set my GH2 to the side for a while. Recently though I started playing around with the GH2 again with Driftwood ClassiX on it, but for me the image quality and noise situation wasn't close enough to my GH4 for me to be interested.

    Last night I put the Moon T8 on my GH2, and WOW! It is really nice, and shoots at some really low bitrates to boot... All of the SH mode stuff I shot so far has looked good and been in the 30-32Mbps range. The 24H stuff has been around 90-92. All of this has been with the Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 I had on the camera.

    At any rate, I think Moon T8 is going to make me spend a fair amount of time with my GH2 in my hands, and I definitely think it stacks up as a B-cam that can mix in with the GH4, at least. I need to do a bit more testing and some editing before I will really be sure what I can do with it.

    If Moon T9 can better this, I will be extremely impressed -- well, I already am, but I guess I'll be even more so.

  • Ok, I took a few random test shots this morning, and uploaded them to YouTube straight out of the camera in the standard "YouTube 1080 HD" render format that is only 8Mbps. The video quality held up very well to the YouTube compression, I'm very impressed with Moon T8!!!

  • @driftwood Hi Sir, Moon T9 was announced last month and still nothing.. is it anything went wrong? please do make sure that iA modes and iDynamic works for video this time. in camera playback went totally failed in Moon T8. please, do fix it and make the camera to play even 5 min clips smoothly. i personally have a request. can you improve low light performance a bit? the sweet spot is in between ISo 1000 - ISo 1600 .. i personally prefer the camera should at least take some clean shot till 3200 iSO. is it possible with the hack?? thk u!!

  • @Maya

    Anything else?

  • Hmmmm, I thought in-camera playback was working with Moon T8... I don't usually use it, but I thought I checked and found that it was working. Have to check again I guess! I've been doing a little shoot with the Moon T8 and the GH4 today. Looking pretty good so far!

    I do need to take a look at ISO 1000-1600 though, I NEVER shoot it that high. @Maya, what do you mean by that is the sweet spot?

  • @Maya: In camera playback workes for me, but I sometimes have to restart the camera after the first clip.

    @driftwood: Could you create a hack that turns my camera into a GH4, it would really save me a bit of money :-)

  • @Maya the hack you're looking for is called a7s, heard it's got a perfect 3200 iso ;)

  • Rough crowd tonight LMAO

  • @Maya I think it is too much to ask for. @brudney is right, you could "hack" to A7s or you could pair your GH2 using ultra fast lens from Voigtlander, SLR Magic, Samyang, or Mitakon.

  • @driftwood Sir, I have a request. for documentary films and low end production why cant we create a patch which does run in most sd cards with all I frames in 24H modes and which also gives maximum quality and reliability? intra frames can only be in moon?

  • Friends see if i have money for a7s why am i still writing here?? come on grow up pals. see we need the best out of gh2 thats all we want. (fact isnt it)

  • of course, but you must be realistic about gh2's hardware limitations. this little buddy won't ever shoot CLEAN picture above iso 1600 (or even 800 if you ask me). if you need it, get yourself neat video, it's absolutely brilliant.

  • I made a simple comparison test between Moon_T4_T7_T8. Tripod was fixed (still the Images jump a bit, sorry for that) but using the natural diffusor of an overcast winter´s day, light should not change much between shots. (In bright sunshine, light in this backyard changes dramatically -at least for comparison between patches) Lens is a Tramron 35-210 with Metabones Speedbooster. Using a manual lens on such tests helps a lot, because aperture or focus will not jump when switching the camera On/Off I could have used a sharper lens with fixed focal length, but the Tamron is my workhorse. Aperture for the lens was 8, @ ISO 160 with shutter 50 shutter, Setting 24H, Smooth at -2/-2/+2/-2 (+2 is colour) .
    Aperture is 1/3 stop underexposed

    The besides the overcast, the winter´s cold also helps to keep the sensor nois-free. Always switched the camara on/off with ISO 1000 to avoid the noise-bug. One might think, these steady shots are sills, but one can notice the warm air fluctuating (Filmed from an open Window) To me, T4 seems to be more noise-free, As I wrote, I did not touch the lens between flashing/filming, so T4 seems to show less gamma. I do not notice an difference between Moon_T7_and_T8, even though there is 17 minutes between both shots (GH2 had T7 already flashed, the I flashed with T4 11 minutes later , then T8 17 minutes later. Enjoy.


  • @Frame: Would you upload it to other server because the Avast AV blocks it?

  • Wow, I had a hard time seeing a difference from those clips...

  • @Frame Could you post a vimeo video of your comparison?

  • @producer @T1000 I am very sorry, but upload connection is VERY slow (even though it is 45mb only it takes about an hour, no time for this in the moment) I have no Vimeo account. Don´t forget, these are the original files straight out of camera, Vimeo will recompress as well as the NLE to prepare the Vimeo clip. Thus the zip file is best for evaulation. Maybe Tjabo can help out and upload the test to another server. All the best, Frame

  • I could post them to YouTube if someone wanted.

    I could post them to Vimeo too, but I have a basic account, and I think I used up my one HD upload for the month or whatever it is... Lol