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Nikon Gamma Controls v0.1 Beta Test
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  • @paglez In Adobe Premiere Pro CS5-6, there are two built-in effects that can be used to make calibrated gamma adjustments:

    Luma Corrector: The Gamma slider's calibration matches Nikon Gamma Controls.

    Levels: Divide the Gamma slider's scale values by 100 to match Nikon Gamma Controls.

    With both of the above effects, you can restore the video clip's gamma curve to the camera's default gamma 1.0 setting simply by moving the slider to the same gamma level you used to shoot the clip. For example, if you shot with Neutral Gamma 0.7, setting Luma Corrector Gamma to 0.7 (or Levels Gamma to 70) will correct the video clip back to gamma 1.0.

    Unfortunately, the built-in "Gamma Correction" effect in Premiere Pro is labeled in an inverse scale that does not match the calibration of Nikon Gamma Controls and other gamma effects. I'd recommend using the Levels or Luma Corrector effects instead.

  • @LPowell Dear LPowell, thanks for your great work. Unfortunately it is not possible to download the zip file. What did I wrong?

  • Thank you very much LPowell. Very good explanation. I'm absolutely newbie about video grade and color.

  • @Observer_II Before you can download any files, you must register on

  • @LPowell Thanks for your hint. Now it works fine on my D800. I shall use this feature for Super 8 transfer. In the past I used a GH2 which gave excellent results. The only problem was the limited dynamic range of the GH2. I already thought about buying a BMCC for that job.

  • I figured out the question to my post.... Sorry

  • Works great with Nikon D600.. Just in case anyone was wondering.

  • Has anyone tried to record clean HDMI through BMD UltraStudio Mini Recorder or other BMD capture devices? It is interesting, how it records ProRes in 10bit and how then the image is capable to color correction. I think, the second version of Mini Recorder should include higher resolution and 60fps which is very very important with the Nikon D5300. So, I guess, using flat picture styles with the uncompressed HDMI should give high level technical results and capabilities. What are your experiences or thoughts?

  • Here is our music video, filmed with Nikon D5300 and D5200 using @LPowell Gamma Controls.

  • @Zilvinas Wow - that's very nice work! Also, those shots really show off the dynamic range of the d5200 and the d5300. Did you have any issues with banding in the grading when you shot with gamma tools? Really making me regret selling my Nikon gear ;-)

  • @eyenorth Thank you! We didn't have any issues with banding. We had not even thought about it and haven't seen it at all, so I first time hear it from you. I like Nikon and I'm waiting for @LPowell newly created Gamma Controls as well as a new bitrate hack for D5300.

  • @Zilvinas Thanks - that's good to know. Might have to go out and reconsider that Nikon d5300 :)

  • Its working great with my hack D5100 and D7000,

    thanks ipowell!!! I use Gh2 also,can the gamma be loaded to GH2 too?

  • Thanks to everyone who took an interest in my Nikon Gamma Controls Beta test. I have prepared a Final Candidate for an expanded release of this product, which contains a complete set of revised gamma curves for all six Nikon built-in Picture Profiles. If you have time to help test this final version before release, please send me a personal message with an email address that can accept attachments.

  • @Zilvinas - Any tips on color grading to get the look you got on your video. Amazing work. I love the music 2.

  • Is it still possible to get the expanded release of this tool set

  • This looks interesting I subscribed to this tread from day 1 while was waiting for Nikon to realise more video friendly camera. I miss it for stills so I pull the trigger finally on d7100. Mainly for pictures but can't wait to check video on it. Thanks @LPowell. If there is any newer version then 0.1 like the one from August which you would like to share for testing Im happy to do it as soon it arrives.

  • They should be announcing d7200 next month. You will at least get 60p and no banding n the shadows and they are saying you will be able to change aperture while filming.

  • I need a good picture camera and got a good deal now (price for quality unbeatable at the moment). Im waiting for Nikons good video since d70s :) so I may wait few models longer (GH123) but can't wait for pictures any more. D7200 can't be twice better as the price will be :) not in pictures for sure . Hopefully in video Nikon But its fine for me now I can wait till d7500 - 4K and tilt screen :)

  • The D7100 is already a very good video camera, I have thoroughly tested it and DR. The low light is also very good and have no moire/aliasing and you can add an external recorder to it. The only two annoying thing for me is the banding in shadows (that can be dealt with quite well with neat video but a bit time consuming) and lack of 60p for slowmotion. I have external monitor so things like peaking exposure etc is mitigated.

  • Great tool. I'll try on my D7100 and see how it handles that damn low light banding. Hope it helps me in getting rid of it. :)


    Ricardo Lisboa

  • @OregonTek Hi, thank you! That video was edited in Final Cut Pro X. At that time we used HyColour and LUT Utility. Now, in FCPX, we use Color Finale.

  • This simple music video was shot on Nikon D5300 using latest @LPowell Gamma Controls.

  • I think this is the best picture profile for Nikon - period. I compared gamma 0.5 and 0.7 to Black Magic Pocket Camera and it's darn close (not that I am using the BMPC as a standard, but it's a good comparison for a LOG footage). The question I have - do these settings affect any other setting in the Picture Control since I can only adjust the sharpening, saturation and hue. The contrast and brightness are disabled. do the gamma profiles do any other magic in these settings behind the scene? Very curious to know. Thanks!!

  • @LPowell Can these gamma controls be used with DaVinci Resolve?