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Panasonic GX7 aka GX2, with IBIS topic
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  • That doesn't help. In A mode it also has 1/50 speed limit. I only can lock shutter to 1/25 in S or M mode. But that's not right for an unattended B-camera shooting concert. Why having strong motion blur all the time if there's enough light for faster shutter speeds?

    Well probably Pana did that intentionally for guys shooting in 50p mode not to bother support with "what the hell is going on with my beautifully smooth 50p in low light?" questions. But why do they do that in 25p mode as well? Makes no sense.

    I also have a Panasonic SD600 camcorder with 50p. It has a special menu item "Auto Slow Shutter" which specifically addresses this issue. It's for user to allow/disallow auto mode to slow down shutter speed to 1/25. Why is it missing in GX7?

  • Did you read the Advanced manuel? I'm not sure, but you should check it. I see 2 things that could influence that. - There is recording mode "low light" active in some creative movie mode. - There is a "Glitter reduction" setting that made start speed at 1/50e for the PASM modes. Not in Mvideo mode. Pages 232 and 235 of the french manual.

  • I've figured out how to solve the 1/50 limit problem described on the previous page.

    There is Clear Sports Shots mode among the SCENE modes where camera automatics behaves exactly I want it to. It allows manual WB and dynamically slows down shutter speed to 1/25 in low light. You can clearly see that while shooting 50p - the camera starts doubling frames when light conditions are poor.

    A perfect mode for an unattended b-cam.

  • What're the chances of a hack for this in the near future? Is it similar enough to the rest that it's likely? Or is a long way off?

  • Hi all,

    Shot on a mix of cameras including the gx7, here is a short video of my trip into the Zanskar.

    Hope you enjoy it.

  • I use my GX7 primarily for stills but shot a quick slowmo test this summer while training Parkour using my Samyang 7.5mm. Edited in Sony Vegas with a little sharpness and contrast added. Shot at 50fps at 1/100 then slowed down by half and rendered at 25fps. Really like how smooth it looks. Nothing special - just a test - and could have been graded alot better but nice to be able to contribute finally :)

  • Hi there ! I'm running some tests right now with deshaker plugin in VirtualDub. There is no rolling shutter rate on the docs. For 1080p80, it's 68% for the GH4 and 78% for GH3. I tested for GX7 with this amounts. Then 58% was better. Then 48%, nearly the same. I have to test again with 53 and 43% to adjust. Anyone here having settings to share? I mean for rolling shutter rate and others.

    NB : it's just to stabilize some handheld shoots (fixed lens, no zoom & and minimal paning), which are just a little bit shaky. Thanks!

  • Quick question:

    I have to choose between a GH3 and a GX7. I really want focus peaking and I don't mind the lack of external audio on the GX7 (I'll mostly be doing artsy montages that don't require on-location sound), but is the codec/bitrate a deal-breaker for anyone?

    When does one notice the benefits of the GH3s 100Mbit rate? Because from what I've seen the GX7 is fairly sharp and detailed. Does the camera start screaming for dear life, begging me to kill it if I point it towards a body of water with waves while recording?

  • I have a question, I guess can use a smart tv as monitor via wi-fi when Im recording: regardless the brand, any smart tv which can be used with GX7 as monitor?

  • any smart tv which can be used with GX7 as monitor?

    Any TV (even stupid one) can be used, if you buy additional HDMI stick with Android.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, thanks, but... its Joke? sometimes I think the manufacturer tease consumer. the great problem is only the "smarts" tv's come with wifi.

  • but... its Joke?

    No, it is serious. Such stick insert to HDMI input and another cable to USB (on TV) for power.

    It has full scale Android and Wi-Fi. Can be on latest very fast chips, including HEVC support.

  • Some loupe for GX7?, I only see for the GH's. :(

    Thanks Vitaliy :) I will buy a stupid TV LED and get an Android stick, is cheaper.

  • @Manu4Vendetta The Kamerar QV-1M, I use it in my GX7 and it fits perfectly. Very big and clear - only caveat, the diopter adjust is somewhat useless, if you use glasses will need to shoot with them (not my case).

  • Another question in the same order; any loupe works in GX7 being 3.2" x 2.2" (screen size GX7)?

  • Little footage from the other day.

  • I'm having difficulties finding information about the battery life on the GX7 for video (there's plenty of varying info about battery life for photos). How does it compare to the GH2 battery life? I'd like to know if I'll be able to get 45+ min. of video out of a single battery like I can with the GH2 before having to swap.

  • From my tests they both run about 2:20 with stock batteries. Despite the fact that GX7's battery is rated 1025 mAh while GH2 has 1200 mAh.

  • Cool, thanks. I just ordered a used GX7 body for $399 + a used battery for $25 from B&H earlier today. I couldn't believe it was so cheap.

  • I can use any (cheap) tablet or need a powerful configuration?

  • I couldn't believe it was so cheap.

    GX8 coming soon :-)

  • What about my last question?

  • I just shot my first event with my GX7 last night, and I'm pretty happy with the results. The noise level at ISO 800 is excellent compared to my GH2. I probably should have bumped it up a bit so I wouldn't have had my Minolta 50mm wide open...focus peaking works great, though!

    The battery held up much better than I expected - I still had 3 bars at the intermission and I probably could have gone the whole show without swapping if I wanted to risk it. It's definitely taking over for my GH2 for event work, and probably everything else too. I'm shooting two more events next weekend with it, then a documentary-style project with it in March.

    I'm also taking a hell of a lot more photos with it than I ever did with the GH2. Everything about it just feels right to me.