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GH2 issue: viewfinder is totally blue
  • After coming back from my last shooting the electronic viewfinder of my GH2 suddenly is blue, there is no blacks anymore, especially when it goes to lowlight there is only blue. The Picture is still there. On the LCD screen everything looks fine and the recorded picture is perfect. Its just when you look through the viewfinder. Looks like daylight massively falls into an artificial light white balanced picture. Anybody experienced this issue before? Any hints? BTW, I use Cake and reinstalled the hack without success.

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  • Code word - Service center :-)

  • Code word negativ - they looked at it and said, must change viewfinder.... over 200 Euros.. :(( No way. I thought may be someone had the magic solution if that phenomena had been seen before. If not I will keep it as a third camera, use it with a lcd loupe viewer. Good old Gh2... had spent some great time with her :))