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GH1: 75Mbps Peak Reliability Setting - V2 update
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  • Oh cool... well.. I´m looking at the "blackout-lpowell native 24/60p patch v.2" and it looks like it´s designed only for 24p? Funny.. @LPowell is there a solution for PAL land for GH1 that is somewhat stable (talking around 75mbits) and also supports 25p mode? :-)

    Thanks! I really don´t want to screw this up.. ¨

    EDIT: So the "100Mbps Max Latitude Native 24/25p Patch" is the only solution for 25p on GH1? Seems little bit too high at peak 100mbps.. Any chance of 75mbits - or more stable version for 25p?

  • @MarkV 100Mbps Max Lattitude Native 24/25p Patch tends to record much lower than that.

  • @MarkV The Blackout-Powell Patch was one of the first to offer Native 24p support in NTSC mode, and 25p support in PAL mode. Both the 75Mbps Peak Reliability Patch and the 100Mbps Max Latitude Patch support 25p PAL mode as well.

  • @thepalalias @LPowell Thanks guys... I'll try the 100Mbps Max Lattitude Native 24/25p first, do some tests in advance.. and see how stable it is.. time to run to the store and buy some good SD cards..

  • @MarkV Just remember that the GH1 does not support SDXC like the GH2 does - so no 64GB cards. Best of luck!

  • Still @thepalalias @MarkV the Max Lat will record for around 2hrs straight on a 16gb card and span. Just wish it had 720p at 60fps.

    @LPowell is there any way to get a little more bitrate out of 24p native while still getting 60p in 720 mode?

  • @thepalalias I should be good to go with 32GB SanDisk Extreme® SDHC™ UHS-I card on GH1, right? - the one with the "45MB/s" speed label on it.. Because the one with "95MB/s" label is too damn expensive over here.. :/

    After I buy the card, I will start doing some stress tests (this weekend)... Shooting the big project Tuesday and Wednesday next week.. also combined with C550D.. so I´m really interested how it will work out..

  • @MarkV A lot of the 32GB SanDisk SDHC cards work well, so you should be good. But exactly how good varies from card to card: do you remember which speed rating? If it's the 95MB/s you should be golden, and my memory is that I had good luck with the 45MB/s version of the card on the GH1 also (but it has been a long time since I used the combination).

    Lately I've shot all my GH1 stuff with the Delkin Elite 633x 16GB.

  • @CRFilms Sorry, 75Mbps was the highest 24p peak bitrate I could get the GH1 to do while preserving 50/60p in 720p mode. The GH1 cannot reliably handle the high bitrates the GH2 can sustain.

  • I'm finding GH1 75Mbps hack nicer in contrast compared to 100Mbs hack on my GH2. Is GH1 work finished or is the GH1 truely not reliable as stated above over 2 years ago... (@LPowell).. If this is a waste of time even big deal. Couldn't be more appreciative to @LPowell and @Vitaliy_Kiselev and this site. The GH2 and GH1 has changed our workflow quite a bit and has turned some heads among many of the C300 and 5D and Sony snobs here in the NYC production arena. They really have become the little cameras that could. We have been using them commercially now for two months and have been making our DP's take a break from their gear to use them...

  • The GH1 is still a great camera. It's just that it's not as flexible as the GH2, which had more accessible internal parameters that could be used to insure stability at higher bitrates. In my experience, the GH1 is very reliable 75Mbps and lower, while the GH2 can be used reliably at 100Mbps and above.

  • Thanks! I used it a lot, it's more reliable than the 100Mbit, that's what makes it a workhorse mode.

  • Ha I just used the GH1 on a corporate video gig as a third backup camera. I had ,y gh4, Gh2 and Gh1 which recorded an hour and ten minutes of video in a dak auditorium and looked great. When I realized it wasn't worth selling conisdering I couldnt get more than $150 bucks for it, I actually wound up using it more and more as a backup camera when I would normally rent a 5D. Its the little camera that could... Thank you @LPowell .

  • @LPowell any chance to improve this patch a bit with the inclusion of @humpman's work of Min/Max QP i/p user setting and the @apefos's "No diagonal rain GH1" patch?

  • Hello all,

    I would like to say a big thanks to all forum members for all the advice herein and in particular to LPowell for the 75mbs patch which I use now.

    Until I bought my GH1 a week ago I was making 4:3rds still images and turning them into videos using PD14. This is my first GH1 video it combines still shots and video shorts in a just over 4 mins video, I put it on Vimeo and this is the link:

    At the time I had only got a class 4 card so had to use the HD setting to record the video in the above.

    I must say that I'm really pleased with what I've got and now I've got a class ten card I'll be able to use the FHD setting.

    All your hard work in and for this forum has been a boon to me and I'm very grateful to you all.

    Kindest regards - Jem

  • For anyone curious, I just picked up a GH1 which was already hacked, and went ahead and flashed this one here (but also allowed for the ISO to go up to 3200).

    Since I'm using Davinci Resolve, I can't seem to use the MTS files directly anyways without it getting all corrupted looking in Resolve (so I have to convert/wrap it as DNxHD to get it imported), so it didn't really matter to me that the FHD mode was interlaced, as long as the quality was good. It shows up as 29.97 interlaced for me.

    This clip was when I was just testing the Fujinon TV Z 1:1.7/9-108 lens (with the 2x Doubler inside the lens enabled, otherwise it vignettes) at about 5 feet away from the cat. 1/30th of a second, ISO 3200, and the lens opened up to f/1.7 (~ f/3.3 when doubled).

    Needless to say, even the ISO 3200 results above blows away my Olympus E-M5 (mk1) in terms of data/sharpness which is stuck at 20Mbit (30fps sensor, encapsulated as 60i). So I think I found my dedicated cheap video mirrorless while I stick with the E-M5 for photos.

    I just have to figure out which shutter speeds gives me the most pleasing look with this patch.

  • One issue I've had with SH mode (59.97 progressive), is the audio gets recorded late. The first second or so of the stream is muted, and it seems like the audio is delayed from the video by about that much time.

    Edit: Seems to happen in FHD too (I'm playing the mts file directly in MPC+, since I noticed it happened in the re-wrap and thought it was happening in conversion, but it's happening from the start).

    Edit #2 Seems like it's with any of the patches (max lat, blackout, 75mbps) there's always that 10 to 15 frames of muted audio in the beginning, just not always offset in video/audio synchronization.

    340 x 551 - 85K
  • If the problem is consistent then you could plan your workaround. To have an external recorder for the sound might be a good reason and sync it with the video later on.

  • Yep, sync it later @kbeezie. The biggest goal is that the GH1 reliably records without any freezing issues.

  • @tetakpatak @yskunto

    Yea, it's seeming consistent with all the patches, though it varies with each patch/mode (But at least it's always consistent for a specific combination, like with Max Latitude + FHD, it's always muted until the 10th frame).

    When my 3.5->2.5mm adapter comes I'll probably slate it with the tascam. In the mean time I need to do some tests to see if all I need to do is shift the audio over where the blank is, or if the actual timing will vary (the muting is always consistent).

    Guess I was just jumping the gun and getting worried that maybe I did something wrong, or wasn't normal.

  • Example on the 75mbps patch, I however made one change, I checked the 29.97i to 2400i option (ie: 48i target which is much easier to conform into 24p timeline without a pulldown).