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Buy GH4 or wait..for what?
  • In the UK there's double cashback today on the GH4, £200 back, but not tomorrow, so feeling a bit of pressure to buy a GH4 today, buuuuut wonder if there's anything to hold out for that's coming round the bend in the same price range as GH4 but maybe something new and wonderful about it - I prefer the look of my BMPCC to GH3 and FZ1000, much richer to my eyes. Anyone know anything that I should save my exhausted credit card for instead!?

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  • Hmm. Maybe an A7000 is coming from Sony - Hopefully with 5 axis stabilizer (body internally). Though: I assume still no internal 4k. And if its offering full sensor scaling (and s-log 2) like the a7s for example - That are the open questions.

    On the other hand you get a very good (well tested through) body with the GH4 - With internal 4k, 4:2:2 8 bit out (or 10 bit without internal recording) - And with a VERY good amount of possible lenses (native AND legacy). Also accessory wise a very good choice.

  • Thanks @Tscheckoff that sounds like a GH4 win. Just worry the unprocessed image will be a bit ping video like the FZ100), seen some nice stuff but on the back of a bunch of correction, where BMPCC is so simple to make rich. Sort of hankering for full frame but having had GH2 and GH3 am all set up for the 4.

  • Reply to self! Going to wait and see what the NX1 looks like a cross a few more samples, looks quite tasty.

  • Camera companies get the message after a few years, but it takes years. So I would guess that Canon and Olympus have something in the pipeline, and it could be that Olympus' next cam will have the video that we have been bugging them about for years.

    OTOH the ax100 has a very tasty lens and is a titch sharper than the GH4.

    As for prices, the longer you wait, the lower they go. Usually.

  • The problem is, that the pocket isn´t perfect either. That´s I assume the point, why you´re considering the GH4 ^^. The GH4 is maybe looking more "clinical" and the jump in sharpness and detail reproduction is HUGE - At least Pocket vs 4K mode. But you can also compensate that a little bit with legacy glass. And with the upcoming firmware updates (updated LOG modes internally, 25P and 30P native output and other smaller upgrades) the GH4 get´s even better and better.

    The problem with the NX1 is, that lenses, adapters, accessories, long time experience and future proof wise the GH4 is just WAY ahead. The NX1 is nice and interesting - No question. But I wouldn´t invest in a new system (without a broad availability of accessories - Adapters, Cages, SpeedBooster as an option and so on ...). The other options are also a little bit "problematic". Let´s say in February there´s the BIG announcement of the new cameras (Sony, Olympus maybe even Canon - It´s about time). Til then you can shoot happily with the GH4 for at least two months (maybe even three). And if you don´t want to be an early adopter (which is checking for "quirks" in the new camera bodies / systems), you need to wait another one or two months - AT LEAST.

    I personally would go for the GH4 ^^.


    Do you mean the Sony AX100?
    The rolling shutter is HUGE. Not that nice.
    At least it´s now better with the PXW-X70 (pro-model) of the AX100. ^^

  • I'm tempted by the Samsung NX1 but I don't think my wallet can handle me picking the lenses for yet another mount!

    Also got Micro Four Thirds, Nikon F, and recently Sony E mount. As the price on the Sony A5100 (only $349!!) too insanely good to pass up on. Sometime next year I hope to get the Sony A7s when that goes for an incredible sale too.

  • Olympus EM5 successor is rumored to be announced in February with all proper video features including 4K. You can't beat 5 axis IBIS and the ability to shoot handheld with prime lenses without rolling shutter wobble. If that rumor is true that is going to be my next camera.

  • If you're happy with the pocket, why do you need to upgrade at all?

  • Thanks guys. @mrbill Because I'm a stupid consumerist, camera-band-wagon-chasing, rabid black friday fuckwhit - and the combination of the pants battery life, audio and screen on the pocket and the usefulness of 4K for reframing whilst being able to really see what you're shooting at the same time.

    But you're highlighting why it's an issue, if I loved the GH4 image pre grading and not the BMPCC I would just buy it. I really want the cinematic BMPCC image in 4K and better audio/battery life/touchscreen quality screen. It's kind of horses for courses though, love the BMPCC for the image - have workarounds for battery life and audio and the ninja blade but it's a mountain of bits instead of an ergonomic comfy single bit of kit in your hand ting - and the GH3 is OK for interview kind of shoots but I would like to have 4K so could get 3 shots in one for time.

    It's not a necessity to get the GH4 more of a decision whether to fuck my credit card a bit more because it's not going to be at a better price for a long time, hence the question really about anything exciting round the corner that will cover all bases in one piece of kit. The dream DSLR! At the mo the BMPCC good for one thing, FZ1000 good for another and GH3 for another, would love to compress it all into one camera.

    @IronFilm I am the same, yes, want the A7s but can't handle the price tag plus the shogun for the 4K and it would seem mad knowing it could give you 4K not to have it but again an extra bit of kit and debt! Sounds like you've invested more than me with with the E mount to cover as well.

  • Some of the GH4 footage on the site looks so good it can't all be about the grade, some looks different but lovely like moon T7 on the GH2 which I loved - should never have sold those cameras! Think will get the GH4. GH3 for sale!

  • Its not all about the grade with the GH4, the GH4 gets a bit of a bad rap about..."clinical image" "Noise" etc...from fanboys of other brands and people who like to look for faults, and people that just like a certain type of look, so when I got mine several months back I was already paranoid. But I was actually blown away how amazing some of the footage looked, right out of the camera, and months later I still love it. I guess it boils down to...if you want to find faults in can, but for me the Gh4 is a bloody awesome camera. BTW I had a GH2 with Moon T7 in it as well, great image....But I dont think you will be disappointed with the GH4, I am actually more impressed with its image overall.

  • I'm on the same boat still have my GH2 with Moon T7 and I love it. My plan is to wait for gh5 or something else next year brings with 4K and in body 3 axis stabilization ;-)

  • Thank you @Astro and @Tommyboy Think I'm going to go for it, that's reassuring Astro, I was worried everything rich I was seeing was down to the grade so that's really helpful to hear.

  • Going from GH2 to NX1 has been huge upgrade for me -- and I was really happy with the GH2 for a couple of years. Very happy with Samsung glass so far. Spec wise NX1 is ahead of GH4. There's always something better around the corner. I had to upgrade, my GH2 (my third) was just plum worn out. I'm not so much one to base purchase price on accessories because I'm trying to go the other direction and streamline. I had the bmpcc too, it's also good, if you can hold out, I would.

  • @Tscheckoff All these cameras have their problems, the Sony AX100 is just better for the work I do where I need more lines of resolution, less aliasing, better color, better grain and better microtextures. It intercuts better with my Canons (if you turn the "cinema" off).

    If I were filming airplane propellers, I would definitely want a different shutter. I suspect the best is yet to come...but for now I'm using the AX100--which has just an amazing lens.

  • @belfryman yeah once you have kitted out the A7s to the max it is looking very expensive! The Atomos Shogun alone is nearly the same price as the A7s, and the A7s body is already significantly more expensive than its competitors (NX1 & GH4). Then just look at the price of the Sony FE lenses, they're rather pricey indeed for what they are! (and sadly third party manufacturers are more or less non-existent for now, so there are no cheaper options for native mount lenses for the A7s)

    I just purchased the Sony A5100 as I was too tempted by the Black Friday deal to resist... but now I've got yet another new mount! (my other cameras are: BMPCC, D5200, GH1, GF3, G3. Most of my lenses are Nikon G with a handful of m4/3 lenses)

    Thus I'm tempted to get the Sony 20mm f/2.8 pancake (for its small size), the Sony 18-105mm f/4 Power Zoom (for fast run and gun work), a focal reducer, and the Mitakon 50mm f/0.95 (for its ultra fast f-stop!).

    But if I do all that... well, I'll have spent waaaay more than the "cheap" A5100 body cost me! I'll have been sucked in :-P

  • I am also sooooo interested in the NX1, although I am very satisified with all both my GH1 and GH2. But like everyone on the planet, at some point these cameras have "had-their-day" so with great respect I will be laying them (a bit) aside for the astonishing resolution and colour that the NX1 seems to offer.

    And if the NX1 is half as good as the raves and specs, then the lens adapters and accessories will be available rather quickly! Does anyone know if there are ANY adapters at all available at present for Samsung's NX-mount?

  • @DrDave I debated long and hard between the GH4 and Ax100 and decided on the AX100 for the same reason as you. It's simply more suitable to my work. I still have 2-GH2's and a GH3 and don't plan to get rid of them, but my experience with Panasonic's horrible support of "Consumer Cameras" played a big part in my decision to stay away from them. The biggest valid complaint about the AX100 I've found was the rolling shutter which is worse than the GH4, but can be worked around.

  • @peternap I think to put it in perspective, the tech has just really improved in the last year--so I would be happy with either camera--but but I think the AX100 is underrated. There is a tiny bit of haloing fuzz on long straight lines, but the plusses are many.

  • @belfryman - I'm sure you're not a fuckwit at all, but I've been on the slippery 'must have that lens/body/accessory' slope and it's harder than you think to get off. I really need a good on camera monitor, so why not get one that's a 10bit recorder too? My NLE is an avid, so shooting in .mxf would be a real time-saver - but do I spend on a Shogun for a format I'll never deliver in, or settle on a ninja blade? Moneymoneymoney

  • @mrbill, you just described me.... I'm trying to decide between the Ninja Blade and the Shogun!

    My thought is I will not rush into it, and I shall wait to see all the reviews of the Shogun come out this month before making my decision.

  • Thanks Msrs. @IronFilm I did get the NInja Blade and found it didn't work with my gh3, was recording interlaced, think to do with what the gh3 was putting out and the FZ1000 didn't play ball at all and yesterday I bought the gh4 - sadly, now seeing everyone getting excited about NX1! - and so I want the shogun for 4K! But then if I was going to splash for the shogun I would have got the A7S for the look and low light magic trick but hopefully after the gh4 update I'll at least get 1080 into the Blade and I hope they do something to the FZ1000 at the same time but not seen a mention. Anyway, @mrbill it is indeed a slippery slope and was trying to rationalise everything for a bit! At least I've thrown out a couple of broken cables! Still got the dead battery, saving throwing that out till I get really desperate!

  • @all: Sent that belfryman already as direct message (but I post it here so everyone can read it):

    Just use the C4K mode (with 24Hz base clock) with the 1080P downscaling option (in the HDMI menu) to get the best quality image details, moire and aliasing wise. And even the Atomos recorders are syncing in that mode (also with the actual firmware of the GH4). With the next firmware also the native 25P and 30P HDMI output modes are planned to come - AND a (very nice & handy) triggered record is also coming according various online sources and online news -> So as soon as you start the internal recording also the Atomos recorder is starting (automatically over the HDMI protocol).

    Quite nice combo (GH4 + Ninja Blade). Perfect for (very) good 1080P.
    Even with 4:2:2 subsampling and 10 Bit (if you´re not recording internally) ^^.

    Have fun with it @ belfryman =)

  • Got my old ninja 1 recorder working on gh4 at 24 and 23.98

  • @Tscheckoff Thank you. Looking forward to it.