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GAEMS 15.5" 720p Portable Gaming Monitor HDMI input USB powered, possible field monitor as well?

    I've seen vids about these for a few months now, but links just showed up on Amazon for sale. $161 for a 15.5 inch, usb powered monitor. Most other monitors like this are also usb video input, so to have a HDMI input at this price range is huge.

    It doesn't have a battery or speakers and because of that, they say it weighs less than 2 pounds. It only outputs 720p max rez, but it can accept a 1080p signal, and a 60fps signal. Not sure about 60i or 24p or PAL, but since it's for gaming, it should be relatively lag free. I'm so tempted to buy one and if it doesn't work out, Amazon's return policy is good.

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  • I think it's a huge mistake that it doesn't have a battery. Really limits it, it's portable but you have to have mains, so it's not really freeing.

  • By idea, it is powered by USB. So, any good big USB battery will work.

    Also, this thing must have horrible panel.

  • Yes this is the problem, most of the game screen are TN, which won't be good for colour or viewing angle.