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LED Fresnels
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  • @kellar42

    With led fresnels you need to be extra careful as cheap stuff is frequently designed so bad that even usual low CRI degrade vast due to overheating.

  • Has anybody tested/tried the "Premium" LED fresnel?

    (It looks like a good alternative to the more expensive Lishuai - I don't care about DMX controlls, but I do care a lot about light colour quality.)

  • If you guys want to more premium, high CRI LED fresnel, I'd go with the Fiilex P360. I've used them before, too.

    High CRI in the 90-95 range, great build quality, and it's shaped so it can accept any Profoto lighting modifiers, too.

  • @fotosiamo It has a fan on the backside. How noisy is it?

  • It's actually very good, noise-wise. You'd have to put your ears very close to the lights to even hear the fan, which I believe iis temperature controlled.

    I was, however, shooting stills, so paying attention to fan noise as the least of my concerns at the time. This is what I shot with it.

    Here's what I shot with the Phase One IQ180 on Sensor + mode w/ the ungraded footage on top, and the retouched shot below that.

    Fotosiamo [] The Waiting Room - Before-After.jpg
    1080 x 1622 - 489K
  • Has anyone found any new cheap high cri (non flickering) fresnels? I'm particularly interested in small ones, more like dedo lights that could be used when shooting high speed footage..

  • I too would be interested in dedolight alternatives which are cheaper

  • @RRRR

    Highest quality are Lishuai as I know, but not really small. I'll check if they have new stuff.

  • I repeat RRRR's question. I'd be interested about small LED fresnel for hair light.

  • there's some good reviews on the web about the Pixapro led lights

  • There are new small fresnels from Litepanels

  • @imagefilm - i was looking at these litepanel led's, good price for 3 x head kit but maybe not quite powerful enough for sit down interview situations, has anyone used these? i also checked these PB80 LED 2 Head Kit, very highly rated but f**king expensive (£1680 + VAT) has anyone had good experience with the chinese LED fresnels so far? If so please let me know which ones, my choice is currently between the Litepanel & Photon Beard, i need ASAP

  • have somebody experience with these Led fresnels?

    Nanguang CN-60F LED Fresnel Spotlight LED Studio Light High CRI Ra 95

  • Nanguang CN-60F LED Fresnel Spotlight LED Studio Light High CRI Ra 95

    You can check if they are present at NAB.

    We will be making flicker and spectrum measurements at NAB, so can add it to list.

  • For two days I had hired 3x litepanel Sola 4 with the lightstands.

    In my eyes too expensive (crazy). The hardware looks o.k. aluminium, some parts plastic. The fan is very quiet. The included stands poor quality, spigot not sturdy. The last rod could not tighten enough, so the Sola 4 move down, silly! ( embarrassing for this price).

  • I have this Nanguang very affordable fresnel add-on in bowens s-mount.

    You can attach it to any fixture with s-mount. It has real glass fresnel element, not plastic, but it is designed for some more directional light than standard led chip on board design, so it loses a bit of light intensity while focusing, the strongest beam is somewhere in the middle. Everything else is ok.

    In attachment is quick test, spot, flood and just the light without the fresnel.

    625 x 785 - 88K
    625 x 785 - 90K
    625 x 785 - 92K
  • Vitaliy they are there at NAB, I live in Switzerland I can't visit:

    1000 x 599 - 127K
  • What are now best Chinese fresnels?

    I mean so we can also check them.

  • cool, thanks for your work!

  • @Amadeus5D2

    You can actually help me looking at NAB exhibitors and check their catalogs.

    As I am time stressed now.

  • the Aputure cob120d is pretty good, I've used it for a few recent projects and I've been happy with the high CRI and dmx options. It's quiet and while the frame for the fresnel lens is a bit cheap plastic, it does the job fine.