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Record audio direct to gh2 / gh4?
  • Hi, I've been filming a few conferences recently on my GH2 and they've requested fast turnarounds, which means synching in post is an extra process I could do without ... Has anyone has success at recording from a radio mic directly into the camera? The lack of proper monitoring scares the hell out of me? Is there a way round this? Also any changes to this with the GH4 as I'm probably about to invest in one ...... Thanks in advance ....

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  • For the past couple of years, I produced more than 1000 TV reportages with wireless Sen G3 recording sound directly into a GH2 without any problems. You just need to be carefull to properly balance levels from the radio mic with the input levels on the camera (avoid to go to the reds) and thats it. No problem.

  • Thanks for that .... Do you just use the 3.5 -2.5 mini jack convertor?? Have you found a secure way of attaching the mic input to the camera? That mini jack input seems a little too delicate for my liking ..

  • Perhaps the new Tascam DR-10 backup recorder will ease your fears of drop-outs.

  • Thanks Zigi... Trouble is it's not just dropouts ... The mic scratching on clothing is another regular issue that if you can't monitor you won't know about til you're sitting in the edit suite ....

  • The GH4 has headphone monitor out and quite decent audio circuitry with a broad range of level control.


  • @Alan - yes I have 3.5 to 2.5 converter in "corner" shape (I don't know proper term in English) so the connection is well secured. To knock on wood :))

  • I have Sony UWP V1 wireless system which has an additional monitor output for headphones on receiver. So I can monitor from that point even if the camera doesn't have monitoring options. It depends on wireless system manufacturer, some offer monitoring, some don't. If you have one like this, you can stay with GH2, if it's a new buy than investing in GH4 might be a better but more expensive strategy.

  • I have Sony UWP V1 wireless system which has an additional monitor output for headphones on receiver.

    As for wireless things I suggest

  • Thanks guys ... I love that headphone jack ... Think I might go down that route ...

  • I am trying to get professional audio in-camera but I don't have any success. I am used to my JuicedLink DT454 with Canon 60D and 5D but they have manual audio control. The GH4 (I just found out) does not.

    Thought I would ask first here before I re-sell my brand new camera, but if I don't get the clean audio with a lavalier on one side and a directional mic on the other I simply can't use the camera. What are you guys doing to manually adjust the audio?

    The beachtek video shows how it is done very amateur wise. The 'Limiter' option is the Pansonics AutoGain. When the dialog stops the hiss (and gain overall) goes up. When the dialog starts the hiss (and gain overall) goes down. Not professional at all and not usable for broadcast and theatrical release. It seems that the GH4 does not have any solution at all. I am surprised that no one ever mentioned that before.

  • They show using the manual audio control in the GH4 in that video ... I don't understand your problem?