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4K Photo Mode Bird Examples
  • Here are a few examples of 4K Photo Mode frame grabs. I say frame grabs because I did the choosing in Premiere and not in the camera as I found grabbing the jpegs in camera too slow. Anyway, I recorded both regular and loop 4K Photo Mode video in both 30p and 24p. I then put those clips in Premiere and found the ones I wanted to export as frame grabs. I exported these frame grabs as .tiffs but I'm not sure that makes them any better than if I had just used the in-camera jpegs. For someone like me that basically takes pics of birds and insects in his backyard, this 4K Photo Mode is really something. It's an embarrassment of riches, it is. I can grab just that right shot for a high-resolution still. Thanks, Panasonic for this innovation.

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  • Wow! Those are really good. What lens was that and did you crop even further than 4K?

    I tried it with birds last week but I forgot to switch to manual settings so my shutter duration was too long.

    Have you tried the 2x and 4x digital zoom during 4K filming. It is not lossless like ETC mode is. However, you can get some nice telephoto shots even when you don't have a long telephoto lens.

  • Glad you enjoyed those. That was with the Olympus 60mm F2.8 macro lens...very sharp. I set the shutter speed to 1/1300 once and then to 1/2000 a second time and even 1/2500 a third time so I could get those wing freezes. I have my ISO capped at 1600. I did a little bit of cropping from the original frame, yes. The camera was about 5 feet away from that perch. I used shutter priority. I've always avoided the digital zoom feature of these cameras over the years but as you point out the quality and reliability of digital zoom seems to be entering the realm of the possible now. I'm now going to have to give it a try. I can't wait for that 300mm pro Olympus lens that is coming in 2015.