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Noob Question: Camera Raw and Lumix Cams
  • I read that Camera Raw supports this and that camera. What does support mean? I have the GH2, GX7 and LX7 so do I see those models somewhere in Camera Raw? I use Camera Raw all the time but am I supposed to be setting it to my cams somehow? What does support literally mean when I'm inside the program Camera Raw? Do I need to download and install something so that it corrects according to my cams? Thanks.

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  • Are you talking about Adobe Camera Raw? When Adobe says that Adobe Camera Raw supports such-and-such camera, they mean that it can read the raw images generated by that camera. GH2 raw images have a .RW2 extension. (To be clear, .JPG files are not raw. You need to set the camera to raw shooting mode to generate raw files with a .RW2 extension) You don't need to do anything special to invoke Adobe Camera Raw's support for the GH2: if you are successfully reading the .RW2 files, it's working. There's no place to tell Adobe Camera Raw which camera you are shooting with. It automatically figures out how to read the raw images for all of the cameras that it supports.

  • Thanks. Is there anything under the Camera Calibration tab of Adobe Camera Raw that I can/should input for my GH2, GX7 and LX7 cams? Overall, I'm fairly proficient with Adobe Camera Raw but I guess I was wrongly assuming that it could be set up for different cameras and how they produce color and what not.

  • @ragnar,

    Iridient Developer 2.4.4 for mac(only) supports gh4 raw files.

    here is a link to the trial download, if you wish to purchase it, it costs $75.