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Stuff People Say to Photographers
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  • I love the story of the host who told the photographer how great his pictures were and what a fantastic camera he has - and the photographer in turn complimenting the meal and saying what a great oven the host has.

  • In many ways this video shows how photographers have become detached from why the images are wanted in the first place. As a photographer I find it cringe inducing to watch!

  • Yes - I mean, what's the problem with doing a shot on someone's phone for Facebook in between your main camera shots? I could be just as snobbish when I'm playing music for an event when someone asks me if I could take a photo or whatever for them in between playing. It's basic relationship stuff - people value that humanity and it should be possible without compromising the work you're being paid for. Took me quite a while when I was younger, working in broadcast studios, to realise it wasn't your technical skills people most valued, but your attitude and friendliness.

  • Well said, Mark!