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Transition Designer Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro - Feature Request for Version 2.0
  • We developed a Transition Plug-In for Adobe Premiere Pro. Although it is just launched, we are working on the Version 2.0 and want to be finished in October 2015. So it would be great if you would give me feedback, what you like, what we can improve and which features you think would be useful in version 2.0.

    Here is the Imagevideo that shows what it is all about:

    Here is the link to our homepage for more detailed information:

    So please let me know what you think!

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  • Looks like a very good plugin! Good Luck!!!

  • Also i think you should maybe not have such a cheesy trailer or get more realistic "Ninja's" also a better web designer on your site to make it more modern would be better as well. The plugin sounds amazing and definitely something i would be interested in buying. I just think the website and advertisement video (Commercial) could use something more professional.

  • Hello and thanks for your feedback. Because we are a small company all actors are friends, so no one of them wants to start a career as a ninja ;-)

    To the website: yes, you are right. But because of some technical special features (the shop should send out the serial number after purchasing, for the hand package we needed a download manager to handle file sizes of more than 200 GB, etc) we chose a shop-software that is not so easy to adapt to our needs. But as soon as we have time, we will work on that. At the moment we have a lot to do to finish the "hand package" and the "preset pack" and are also making quite good progress with our next plug-in, so it will take a while...

    Thanks a lot for your feedback, it's great to hear that you think that the product is useful.

  • @editor

    You just made bad topic title (new plugin ...) and did not properly made link to your company site :-) Fixed.

    It is also strange to ask for feature requests if you just present new plugin.

  • Hello Vitaliy, thanks for your feedback. I really do not only want to present it, but as we are working on the next version I would like to get feature requests. It is our very first plug-in that we use in our company at the moment and although we are really satisfied with the functionality, we are not sure if other editors have any ideas or features they miss.

    And thanks for fixing the link ;-)

  • @Tatzu, thanks for your feedback, that's our second try with a new promo video:

    Every feedback is welcome! I'm on the IBC, so the next week, I may take a while to respond here.

  • @editor WOW now that is more like it! I'm interested how does the seamless transition work? It looks incredible!

  • @TATZU Thanks for your interest. We made some videos to explain, here is the easy operation video that show how the whole Plug-In works:

    Here you can see in detail, how the seamless transitions are made:

  • Great job explaining! how much is the new version of this product going to cost in USD$?

  • Hello TATZU, we are collecting ideas at moment, so we didn't start developing version 2.0 now. That's why I can't say what the price will be. We are actually checking out how much effort it would be to bring a mac-version. So there will be no new version until the middle/end of next year.

    The actual version for pc is $195.