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I hate you, GoogleTube
  • Rant: Autoplay at youtube is ruining my youtube experience. I'm going to TRY to avoid using youtube for this reason, but it won't be easy what with all of the whacky cat videos and people getting kicked in the nuts, all of which make me happy. I enjoy my Vimeo account but not as many people use it. The globe uses youtube so google has us by the snarglies.

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  • how about using a youtube extension in your browser? Like Magic Actions for YouTube? They can block ads, i'm sure that can be blocked, too.

  • Cool. Thanks. I will now go and give Magic Actions a try on my IE 11 and see what happens.

  • Well, looks like I'm outa luck as I'm not willing to use Chrome or Firefox just for that app. Thanks all the same though.

  • If using safari, click to flash extension will only load a reference image and stop any flash from playing/running/loading, including youtube videos, till you want so; it also allows you quite some control over content display -
    There's some other extension than cleans up the youtube experience leaving just the essential info but can't recall the name... anyway didn't work so great for me. Also since first came out always used Adblock extensions. That said, here's a nice video for ya :P

  • OK, that's pretty good. That made me all happy again. Thanks.

  • Is this an IE only thing? I dont have any autoplay going on with chrome. Maybe there is a setting to turn it off?