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Nice handle bar option for 19mm and 15mm handheld rig...
  • Hey if anyone is looking for a low cost alternative for 19mm handle bars for a handheld rig, I found a pretty good one. I just wrapped a feature film on my BTR1 and was looking for those handle bars only, but came across this one from Camtree... thing I found out because these ones are waaaayyy better than the simple handle bar that just slides on.

    Our B Cam had the original Red handle bar grips only and those ones don't lock well, and slide around. These ones from camtree were rock solid the whole shoot, good build quality, light, and dependable. And the price was quite a bit lower than anything else I could find. Also they work for 15mm as well as 19mm rods. Check em out, definitely makes shooting handheld way easier... and as a bonus sometimes I was able to use it to shoot low level, on the ground type shots and could use the rosettes to adjust my level, like a mini tripod almost. Well worth the cost.

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  • @n5p

    Any photo or product link?

    Also it is Indian shop, be very careful with things that carry weight or costly cameras sitting on them. Issues with alu used, bad anodizing, etc usually come in company with they ripoffs.

  • The Camtree Hunt VIVID Shoulder rig parts look like exact rips of zacuto parts.

  • Yes sorry my previous link did not work... here is a product link to the Rosette Handle Bar set I mentioned in my post.

    I have also attached a picture of it.

    @Vitaliy, yes you are right to be careful, and our RedOne MX with battery and monitor and not to mention PL Mount Zeiss Super Speed lenses that cost more than the camera were very heavy! But... for me these handle bars worked great... easy to use... and survived the entire production intact which is a true real world test I think.

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  • @n5p

    Check the part that attach to the rods, this is where Indians stuff can break, and do it suddenly as they mostly use crap alu with internal micro defects.