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Transformets: Age of Extinction
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  • Just when I thought we couldn't get more annoying than Shia LaBeouf, we now get Marky Mark. At least LaBeouf can act(assuming Bay could direct actors properly), Walberg isn't half the actor he is, and is on par with Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves as the most overrated actors of our generation. Sigh, the beloved TransformeRs of my youth just keeps getting shittier and shittier.

  • Brad Pitt can't act? That's funny. And these movies are miles better than the cartoon Transformer. Just because you loved them as a kid and dislike the actors in the movies doesn't mean the movies, on their own, are worse.

  • It's a shame Kruger keeps writing this junk. He's actually capable of much more.

  • Hahahaa I'll probably pay to see it. First part looks amusing, then turns into a video game.

  • Every scene is like the "money shot" from a beer commercial. It's just so tedious to look at.

  • For all you Transformers G1 fans I highly recommend Transformers: Prime. Great series. It wrapped up last year with a one hour straight to DVD movie. Storyline-wise, it falls somewhere between the original series and the movies. And it has both Peter Cullen as Optimus and Frank Welker as Megatron. I was a huge fan.

  • Micheal Bayger did a better job:

  • The first one who can make a better movie and act better than Marky Mark step up with your sugar honey iced tea....or just consider yourself a hater. I mean c'mon. Who's going to a movie like this looking for standout acting? Wahlberg is more of a personality than he is an actor. That's why people keep putting him in their movies. And guess what....every knucklehead here will watch it or hate it. The studio will still make money....and that' all they care about. Not all this Seriously though...I think most people go for the ride. Mixchael Bay is good at what he does,,, making explosions...loud scenes....blah blah blah and people eat it all up.... Yes...including the haters. I think his motto is "leave them something to talk about...good or bad." I'm gonna see it with my family.

  • I haven't ever paid to see a Transformers film, haven't seen but a few minutes of the second, haven't seen anything but the VFX demonstrations of the third and that's not likely to change.

    So blah, blah, blah.

  • C'won pips, not to different from real life

  • How to spend your money episode #283: Spend hundred of millions to make a popcorn movie which content is about nothing. It's not like we could need it for Food, Abolish definitely slavery from huge corporate or anything else ya know! Because capitalism gives us everything.

  • I have decided no to go watch any more all of the comic base movies (except batman). I has become ridiculous lately with sequel upon sequel of those comic base character movies. I am just going to watch on TV when it comes out so that I don't have to regret spending my money on those films. The only really good science fiction movie I have watch lately has been oblivion.

  • Saw it and it was...."ok". It wasn't the abortions the first two were, but it's still not up there with the original animated movie from '86. Here's the major problem with all these movies....sigh. The dialogue in these movies should be 70% robot and at most 30% humans. These movies should star the AUTOBOTS & DECEPTACONS!!! The 10 year old me goes to these movies for the Autobots, NOT Mark Wahlberg, not Shia Labeuf.

    Granted you can't have them on screen fighting the whole movie, so have them talk. Give the Autobots character arcs, give THEM motivations. Think any kid gives a shit about the Wahlberg character and his daughter and her boyfriend? NO!!! Kids want to see the robots fight and if that's to expensive for a 2hr movie, just have them talk the rest of the time. Kids will settle for that.

    The same problem happened with the Tim Burton Planet of the Apes, except that movie had real interesting Ape characters. The human characters all sucked, and surprise surprise, Wahlberg starred in that one as well. Just give us a movie where the non human characters are front and center and we'll be happy.

  • one of my favorite science fiction movies is "The Man From Earth". it's low-budget. it doesn't need special effects because the story is so interesting.

    and i agree with a previous comment. is it ethical to spend literally billions of dollars on pointless films while people go hungry?

  • @CRFilms : I would LOVE to see some of your examples of Shia LaDouche "acting". This isn't that I disagree with you about Marky Mark, but Pitt is in a different category from Wahlberg.

  • @rockroadpix Fair enough, I can't point to specific Shia peformances, but if he had half of Wahlberg's like-ability and business sense he'd be an A-lister still. Pitt, Wahlberg and Keanu are the same...good looking guys who are WAY smarter than they look and work hard to overcome their looks and talent limitations. That's the core of their success. They pick the right projects and people.

    I knew Pitt was massively overrated after Interview with a Vampire. He got all the press for being "dreamy", but Tom Cruise acted significantly better in the movie. Granted he had the better character, but no way could Pitt have done as good a job as Cruise in the Lestat role. Same thing with Wahlberg in the Fighter. Christian Bale could of easily played the lead, Wahlberg could not of done half as good a job as the junkie brother.

    EDIT: I once saw something explaining why Keanu was considered a great actor and it fits Pitt and Wahlberg as well. They're blank slates. They don't project what their character is thinking or feeling so the audience puts their own emotions on the character. Their lack of depth is their greatest strength. This video says it all:

  • interesting sort of like the reason they wore masks in ancient theater