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Panasonic LX7 topic
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  • jojoen,

    Good point about i.Dynamic being not grayed out in M mode. I just checked my camera with the dial set to M; the i.Dynamic was NOT grayed out but it was off. However, I should have mentioned that customized my M mode to C2-2. I just left the dial at C2 and never need to change it to anywhere because I set C2-1 to A mode, C2-2 to M mode, and C2-3 to manul video mode. However, when I am in C2-2 (M), the i.Dynamic is grayed out but shows "off". I will look into it some more.


  • Anyone know of source for LX7 parts or broken cameras? This one felt a rock while in the pocket of my son. Luckily the camera took the blame and not his head...

    734 x 534 - 49K
  • This looks like a total loss. Possibly it could be repaired but the cost will likely exceed the purchase of a new one.

    The service manual will get you part numbers for the camera. At the minimum you will need the lens unit, pn VXW1506, at a cost of $164. There may also be damage to the aperture ring, the sensor, and anything else that was broken.

    You can find the parts costs in the US here:

    Once you have the lens unit it has to be installed. That will include removing the MOS imaging sensor from the old unit. Unless it it also damaged in that case you have to buy another expensive part. Aligning and calibrating everything after the parts replacement requires special tools and software.

    There was a post that the website shopping cart didn't work but they called and completed a transaction over the phone.

    You can try ebay for a LX7 with broken viewscreen. Usually cameras for parts on ebay have unrealisticlly high asking prices. An LX7 with only a broken viewscreen can be repaired pretty easilly. The above website shows the display unit cost at $154.72.

    As you can see the economics of repair is pretty poor. Despite having a service manual I do not think Panasonic ever repairs these cameras.

    Glad he was not seriously hurt in the accident.!

  • I have actually repaired the lens ND filter of the first one I had. And I also made a trigger connection since I fly multicopters and need trigger from my transmiter. Yes it is not for anybody... But I am used to and dares to fiddle with it as long as it might be repaired. For sure I will need some damaged or cheap parts as I see LX7 popping up on ebay for under 300usd now and then. Luckily a local shop fairly close had a camera on stock so I could replace it quick. The prices in Norway on LX7 have fallen by 100% this summer luckily but only a few shops have them. Strange since it so good. But ok by me as very few other multicopter pilots can offer the same performance...

  • @jojoen: "trigger connection" Is it an electronic/electric connection or something mechanic?

  • Electronic connection

  • Earlier in this thread, it was mentioned that we need an official firmware upgrade before there can be a hack, so we need to look for issues that may make Panasonic release an upgrade. Here's 2 things I have noticed:

    1. The camera consistently overexposes. This cannot be worked around adequately because the overexposure seems to be less than 1/3EV, but the minimum you can comp is 1/3EV... so you always end up overexposing or underexposing and there is no workaround.
    2. The live histogram does not match the histogram of the final shot by some way at the top end (in particular, it shows clipped highlights as within range). The live histogram is thus useless in preventing blown highlights, meaning it is not fit for purpose.

    There is thus an overexposure issue with the camera, and the means to compensate or detect this situation enough to work around it is also broken. I know the issue is less than 1/3 stop, but it has ruined a lot of my shots through overexposure. In fact, until I realised it was poor default exposure, I assumed it was low sensor dynamic range, because the camera seemed so prone to overexposed pixels in highlights!

    If enough people complain about this we may get our firmware upgrade...

  • I'm wondering if the EVF could be connected through a small cable (~30-50cm) so I could put the EVF somehow on my glass (a la Google Glass) so the camera position would be completely independent. It would be very useful for filming with a very low/high POV.

  • @stevens37y

    May be, but you'll need to make some very high quality custom cable.

  • I'm having alot of fun with the video of this little camera. I really love the stills also. Here is a short video I made with the camera. Some of the footage is from my little HX7V and you will probably notice. Fun stuff

  • Is is possible to read out and save the existing firmware from the LX7?

    Thanks, -dennis

  • LX8 is coming in July

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  • Hello, Yesterday i bought LX7. Just for test, for checking by myself how it's really works. Works ok. So im 100% decided to buy LX8 and FZ1000 when they'll be available.

    No FlipLCD and no HDMI Live - it's shame for LX7, especially when using low angle shots ;)

    here is link to first vidtest no custom setting, just factory settings (audio not from LX7)

  • LX7 60fps 60frames burst mode 3,5M +50% twixtor, playback at 30fps = 4x slow motion, weird transitions due to twixtor, actually the original frames from the burst mode are only half as sharp as single photo 3,5M jpeg, probably due processor limitations

  • Hmmm... it is now back up to US$279, but that is still a crazy good price for a new high end premium compact. Kinda tempted by it, though the old secondhand RX100 mk1 models are starting to drop down to be nearly as cheap! hmmm.. which to pick, which to pick

  • hmmm.. which to pick, which to pick

    NX500 during sale or used :-)

  • but it isn't as small or as cheap (especially once you factor in lens cost)

  • Well, I think you can get Samsung lenses for cheap now :-) And with pancakes or power zoom it is small.