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40" Monitor/HDTV for Editing?
  • I need some advice.
    Here's the quick backstory:

    I've been using two 23" Hanspree monitors for all of my Photoshop, AE, and Premiere editing for the last 6 years of so. One of the Hanspree monitors just died the other day and my first thought was to just replace it. Now I'm thinking that perhaps a 40" monitor/hdtv would be a possible choice. A 40" monitor would be about 729 inches square while my old setup of two 23" monitors was 698 inches square. Getting a real honest to god 40" monitor seems too expensive but I did find a Samsung H40B HDTV that looked good. One review said it has 4:4:4 sub sampling (whatever that is) which makes text very sharp and clear, an important factor for me and editing. Anyway, if anyone is editing on something like this I'd appreciate any comments.

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  • This one is quite simple. if you can wait few months - do it, as later this year you'll just get 4K 60Hz IPS TV or monitor.

    If not - get notebook, if you have one, and go to local big shop. Check good IPS TVs that have 10 point calibration, as far as I know it is all LGs and some Panasonics. Do not know about Samsung. Usually all normal TVs must work quite normally with computer and all support modes without any subsampling. But remember to check it yourself using test software, calibrator can be also good friend here.

    Also note - first thing companies save now on cheap TVs is backlight and panel (avoid direct led and look for 10 bit panels). Also note - usually best idea is last year better model or refurbished one (from ebay or such).

  • Thanks for the reply. I guess if I wait and get a 4K TV that that would present no issues for what I'm used to for video editing? Maybe what you are saying is that there isn't really much of a difference anymore between new HDTVs and traditional LCD computer monitors like my Hansprees from 6 years ago. If I wait and go with a 4K TV for video editing would I really need a 40" one to equal the same old square inches I used to have?