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GH1 Stable 24p Setting
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  • Ah, I see the "bush of death".......LOL

    So, why would I want to increase the buffer to 84?? And, why would I want to change the GOP to 6 or 3??

    Just curious as to why some are already making changes to the patch?? Are you seeing any increases in detail?? Or bit rate??
    I haven't had a crash with this patch yet-in fact, I tried to crash it with whip pans and rapid zoom, while filming the "rocks of death"(what we have for lawn here-rocks-live in the desert), and stuffed animals.
    I've also used this indoors filming various scenes-no crashes.
    But, I have a "real" Sandisk extreme III card. I'd love to find some more-but each time I see them online, they are the wrong part number-they're the "new" UHS-I HD Video cards, which IMHO are junk/rip-off. Probably going with a Kingston class 10 for now, and call it good, if I can't find anymore of the "legacy" class 10 Sandisk cards.
  • @LPowell
    That looks like a cedar bush of death. What lens did you use? I have been using the kit 14-140 lens along with some Canon FD lenses all from f1.4 to f22 @1/50-125. I also use smooth film mode dialed down to -2,-2,0,-2, and have used ND filters (matte box 4x4) and without and had good sucess. I guess my Canadian Cedar trees may be a bit softer and don't have the same affect as yours :).

    I appreciate your great work you having doing in trying to get us all the best patches we can have for the GH cameras. I really hoped this one would be a stable version for all, but it seems like its not. I wonder if there are some tweaks that are available to the GH2 ptools that might help us find a better patch. I relize that they are enterly different codec by perhaps sometime new tweaks can be shared. I can only hope for the better.
  • @rigs
    I shot the bush with a Voigtlander 58mm f1.4 set at f4. It's a very sharp lens, though the 14-140mm is also quite sharp when stopped down. I've checked out the patches available in PTools 3.62d, and they appear to work the same as earlier pre-GH2 patches did.

    I did notice that you changed Framerate Related Comparison from 30 to 24, suggesting it may have an effect on Native 24p mode? When I experimented with this patch some time ago, I couldn't determine what effect it had.

    Other patches that remain a mystery are Encoder Setting 1-3...
  • @LPowell
    "Other patches that remain a mystery are Encoder Setting 1-3... "
    I have no idea what they do either, I have played with them a bit but dont understand what they relate to myself.
  • The lens that for me crashes reliably is the Panny 20mm. Set it and forget it.
  • Used these settings to do a show with almost no light and was pretty happy with the results. This video is a rough edit and has no color correction. Shot with a gh1 and a t2i. The gh1 is on the left side of the band next to the drummer.
  • Looks good blah_dogs.
    Didyou use my original settings or a mod version
  • buffer was at 84 and gop 6