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London Meeting with Nick Driftwood at Park Cameras - Plus try out the GH4!
  • On Friday 25th April 2014, at Park Cameras new store in Central London, I'm inviting personal-view members to join me for a FREE presentation I'm giving about the GH4.

    Using the new Panasonic LUMIX GH4, I'll be taking you through the best options on recording videos using Panasonic's impressive new camera, including the setup, audio, picture setting, and the range of lenses and accessories that will work alongside the camera.

    As you know, the LUMIX GH4 is the first stills camera in the Micro 4/3's arena to be capable of filming 4k video. Not only that, it can shoot at 200mb/s (broadcast quality) All Intra at 4:2:2 10-bit colour output. I'll be looking at how personal-view users can make their shoots as best they can for broadcasting purposes and how you can get the best out of the h264 compression plus how to finalise your work for Vimeo/Youtube and Theatre/Cinema release.

    During the session, I'm hoping to be able to provide a live demonstration, and show the output on a large 4K monitor. A technical expert from Panasonic UK will also be on hand to answer any queries you might have.

    This is a brilliant opportunity for personal-view members in the London and South East to meet me and other members and have a great chat about our experiences.

    Park Cameras will also be offering exclusive instore only deals for you to take advantage of, when attending this event. The camera itself will be available from early May.

    There's two sessions available one in the morning at 11:00 to 12.30pm and the other in the afternoon at 2.30pm to 4pm. To reserve your place, goto to this page;-

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  • Nick Is there any chance of the presentation getting recorded for those who can't make it. I am sure everyone here would love to see it.

  • Thanks for organizing this, I'm coming down for the afternoon session, looking forward to it! Mark

  • A recording of the event, would be great - especially with all the video recording equipment you will have there! :)

    I think Park Cameras / Panasonic have missed a trick to sell a lot of cameras, by either a) Having some early stock b) Holding the event when they have stock to sell

    Nothing like been shown something, you can't have....

  • Hey nice i work nearby and i pop in sometimes to see if a GH4 has appeared in their display. Might see you at the 11am slot...hmmm should i bring my ISCO anamorphic???

  • Yeah bring your stuff down I'd like to have a look at the anamorphic stuff.

    Basically Im gonna do a little talk about the GH4 - nothing hectic - but we'll be able to have a great chat afterwards and discuss all things. Its not just about me - its an opportunity to meet up. There's still places left as its daytime and I appreciate a lot of people can't make it cuz of work or holidays but its all I could get out of Pany. We'll probably try and arrange another one sometime soon for others but its a great opportunity to meet up.

    They'll have a few GH4s for people to play with at the talk and I'll take you through the menus and stuff for film making.

  • I can't make it tomorrow, bit too short notice. @driftwood it would be great if you manage to organise another one some other time.

  • I´ll engross the "reccord the presentation" line! I´m in another continent and would love to hear you on the GH4, Driftwood! Cheers!

  • Wish it was next week, filming in Sweden at the mo. The co-op is quite expensive here!

  • Man, I'd love to be there!

    Mostly because I'd like to meet you Nick.

    The camera looks great, but you're someone I'd like to buy a pint for.

    Alas, I'm in British Columbia, Canada, so I'll have to wait.

    Enjoy the presentation and company there.

  • do we print off our email, or is our names on a list?

  • Thank you Nick and Vitaliy for this opportunity to touch the GH4. I have to say I wished I had all the built in features of the GH4 (focus peaking, wifi to name a few) on my GH2s ! It's the GH4 I guess. I wished the GH4 had the ability to change the aspect ratio when I shoot in anamorphic (a feature you can find in a smallHD field monitor) or even the recording resolution according to the anamorphic ratio, 1.33x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x, custom (width x height). That would be the perfect camera for me. But it's very close. Thank you again Vitaliy and Nick for the great work on the GH2's hacks (Apocalypse now and moon T7 are my favourites, yours ?)

  • Thanks Nick was good to get hands on with the GH4, looking forward to getting one!

  • Great to see soooo many people down at the personal-view London Meetup and a BIG thank you to Vitaliy for putting it out to members and helping organise attendees, Park Cameras for allowing us to host the event there plus the support from Panasonic for bringing down so many GH4s for everybody to try out, and, finally thanks to the very lovely and beautiful voice of Arabella Gibbins performing a small set for everybody to film and try out cameras.

    Both sessions were packed and Park cameras said it was much much fuller than Philip's Bloom's Sony event a few weeks earlier! :-)

    The guys at Panasonic are taking very seriously and truly value our opinions. So thank you for all those UK/London p-v ladies and gents who turned up. We'll be holding another one very soon and in May a good chance of one being held in Brighton at The Spiegeltent.

    Here's a few shots;-

    personal-view meet london 1.jpg
    1024 x 768 - 97K
    p-v London meetup 1.png
    858 x 638 - 523K
    p-v London meetup 2.png
    855 x 643 - 535K
    Nick Driftwood demonstrating the gh4 with actor singer Arabella Gibbins.png
    849 x 629 - 534K
    p-v London meetup 4.png
    868 x 648 - 535K
    p-v London meetup 5.png
    869 x 651 - 623K
    p-v London meetup 6.png
    889 x 654 - 489K
    p-v London meetup 7.png
    879 x 656 - 605K
  • Anyone living in or around Dublin - get down to the Photofest Show there today to check out the GH4.

  • I live around Dublin but was more tempted to fly to London on 25th then go to Photofest :) (Could not make it). Thanks for info anyway.

  • This is the result of the 4th picture above.

  • @driftwood

    Did they saved on girl?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev That's my good friend Bella - part of Team Driftwood. She's in my new film Swim to Land.

  • Hi all, That GH4 demo in central london was great. I slapped my ISCO anamorphic and Olympus 50mm f1.8 manual onto one of the GH4's and it all worked great apart from my coffee hands giving slight shakes. Being a recent GH2 owner and a EX canon user now the specs on the GH4 make my mouth water. Heres the link, vimeo are still converting the file ETA 15min from the time i posted this.