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5DtoRGB for GH2 - advantages vs disadvantages?
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  • @inqb8tr... thx but this problem drives me crazy. I think my workflow is especially on this board a very common one (with all the gh2 users) - but nobody complains?!? I know that this color shift has to do something with the youtube player which interprets my h264 file with a 0-255 colorspace as an 16-235... the the youtube encoder itself doesnt change the file because when i download it from youtube, i get the same as i uploaded bevore with the correct 0-255 color space.

    Screen: LG-ips235p

    Browser: chrome

  • @cantsin Yes I was.. So now I'm going for 24p mode, I think this solved the problem! :)

  • @Antonjib

    Yes I was.. So now I'm going for 24p mode, I think this solved the problem!

    Well, it did not solve it, technically you just avoided it :)

    You should be able to do 25p without any interlacing artifacts.

  • @ingb8tr So it might be and I tested to convert the file on a new macbook pro and the difference were big. The picture was not perfect but mush better then on my 3 years old macbook air so can the problem lay in my computer?

  • just in case: Be careful if you're using Quicktime X to playback video on the new computer - some versions of it deinterlace on playback.

    Also - 25p on the GH2 is PAL's HBR mode, right? It is ostensibly progressive, but (at least on NTSC cameras) the stupid GH2 firmware I think still compresses it to h.264 as if it were interlaced (because HBR was added seemingly as an afterthought in a firmware update), so you can still get subtle interlacing artifacts on motion because the compressor algorithm is treating every other line in the picture as a different frame (like interlaced) and not worrying about making them fit together nicely visually. For that reason I've never found HBR useful :( .

  • "In case anyone needs a definition on what is going on with this program, it converts your YCbCr files to RGB files. Newer more up to date NLE's like FCPX do this automatically while importing or transcoding. So find out if your NLE is editing in a RGB environment. If so, you don't need this program."

    So why do I see people using this in conjunction with FCP X? Not challenging, I'm truly confused. Thanks in advance.

  • I can't speak directly to FCP X but there was/is an issue with certain GOP-length patches where any application compiled against the Main Concept MP4 decoding libraries had issues. This was the dreaded "digital rain".

    Even if that problem were a thing of the past I would do an A/B between any application's conversion to RGB against the results from 5DtoRGB to see which filtered the chroma better. That quote is making the error of assuming all packages handle this transcode the same way, with the same math, delivering the same quality.

  • @misterspurge 5DtoRGB does much more than a simple convert to RGB. It also up-samples the chroma resolution using a specially written algorithm (uses the luma data as a guide rather than simple averaging) to arrive at 4:2:2 sampling.

  • Just bought the batch version. Have a simple question: When I throw in a folder with 20 mts files to be converted, after started the batch button, the finder shows me where to put the converted mov files. In a new folder. But then I throw in the next folder with 10 files to be converted and the system doesn't give me that option anymore. So it puts the converted files into the same new folder. Any suggestions what I am missing?

  • My guess would be you'll want to start a new instance to handle a new batch, if you're not continuing from the first batch.

  • Cheers @BurnetRhoades Edit: Any idea how to open a new instance, a new window?

  • Close it out and re-launch the app. A hassle, for sure but try that.

  • @BurnetRhoades Thanks for your advice, but I still don't get it. If I close a running batch window it will stop the converting process. There must be a way to open another window, throw in another folder with mts files. If not the batch is not really a batch. I was using clipwrap and there you could easily open as much other windows you wanted to. I am sure I am missing something...

  • I don't have a Mac or the batch version, but for me on Windows 7, I can open as many instances of 5D2RGB as I want by just continuing to double-click the program icon. Does it not behave that way for you?

  • On a mac you need to make another copy of the program on disk to run a 2nd copy. I have 3 copies of the free version of 5DtoRGB just for this reason. I gave them each a different name and the icons a different color tint.

  • @Rarevision @aldolega On the Mac version it doesn't behave like this. But I really cannot believe what you guys are saying...?! I thought I bought the batch version for some reason, but this sounds hilarious and very disappointing.

  • @aldolega: Which Windows version of 5D2RGB do you use?

  • @Rarevision Anybody knows where to get customer support from rarevision / 5DtoRGB? I posted on this site several days ago and also have sent to a request, buy didn't receive any answer. Does this company still exist? I still don't know how to batch transcode several folders on a Mac at the same time... :(((

  • Sounds like an oversight in design. Can you not put all your video files into one folder - maybe use tags to say which folder they should go back into, do the conversion, then re-arrange them? A pain, I know. Maybe Aliases could help if it resolves them?

    A workaround is to make several copies of the program and run them all at once i'm guess.

  • @arvidtp How would I do a copy of the program on a Mac, app store only let me copy it for once?

  • There seems to be no working link for beforementioned Paolo Rudelli's batch

    Could someone link a mirror? Thanks :)

  • Does anyone experience the same problem and how to solve it:

    After processing a GH2 video with 5D2RGB 1.5.18b.15 (Win64), I get a half cut slow motioned video with no audio track, no matter if I set the fps Source or 23.97fps.

    I even tried to set it at 59.96fps and the video looks ok, but cut even more, i.e. the result is much shorter.

  • @producer I'm getting the same 'results'. That's why I use 1.5.6b2 :)

  • @brudney: Yes, but there is not Gamma adjustment in that previous version.

  • I see. But do you really need it for transcoding? It's just a gamma remap that can be done anywhere afterwards.