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Varavon Motorroid, best motor solution for sliders
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  • I have some dailies somewhere with the BMCC on-board sound but nothing from the boom or lav mics. During rehearsals our sound guy told me he was picking up the slider really well so I decided to go MOS.

    Also not sure what you mean by normal distance. If the slider goes 3ft from talent, it goes 3 ft from talent. If it goes 10ft, it goes 10 ft.

    It's fine for MOS stuff or on it's slowest setting but as soon as you ramp up the motor, it starts to whine. But I guess that is a tradeoff of not spending $5000 on kit.

    And I'm second guessing the weight limits. I tried it with my BMCC rig weighing in around 17 pounds and it loosened the bearing pretty fast.

    I'm probably just exceeding the limits of it like I've been doing with all my gear from GH2 days.

  • It does get a little noisy on the fastest setting or if you're over the limit with weight. I found the sound levels pretty low otherwise, barely above the slider movement itself.

    The recommended weight limit for the motor is 2.5 kilo. I found it pretty strong.

    If you watch the end of the video, like 12minute on, you can see what happens with my about 4.5kilo bmcc rig, it pulled it at 45 degrees but not any steeper.

    Almost all of the slider pulls were filmed with live audio from either a zoom h4 or the gh2 directly. Those volume levels are live. I didn't film with any audio from the bmcc, because it's audio is so bad.

    In short, for me, the audio level of the motor isn't an issue. For level pulls with loads under a few kilos, the motor plus the slider is quieter than most friction slider without a motor.

    If you stress the motor it does get loud to the point it will be an issue.