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Ask developers of the Panasonic Lumix GH4, plus, answers about the m43 format
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  • Related to @igorek7 suggestion, when will Panasonic incorporate the newly announced USB 3.1 universal connector (doesn't make any difference which way it is plugged in, similar to the iPhone 5 and later connector)? Will Panasonic be a leader with it or wait until it is "established"?

  • Probably rehashing, but..

    any chance of ibis in gh5? why no 4/2/2 10-bit in camera? why no minimum shutterspeed w/auto iso?

  • Reminder. This thread will be closing soon. Keep a lookout for the forthcoming answers from a compilation of these questions in a new thread appearing in personal-view in the very near future.

  • Is there a technical reason Panasonic crops its raw files when choosing a non 4x3 aspect ratio when shooting stills? Could this be made an option in firmware to allow the fullsize raw image to be stored when selecting a different format for compositional purposes, say when shooting raw+jpeg?

  • I really like my GH3 and have a GH4 ordered. My questions and wish list: Why not? UH-2 SD card interface, USB 3, HDMI 2, No limit on options to program Fn buttons, 4k at P60, 1080 P120, H.265, 2 battery add on grip, Affordable 1920x1080 (native) field monitor (F970 battery option), Wide angle 7-14 f/2.8 lens, 10-100 Power Zoom lens optimized for Video.

  • +1 on an AF100/101 replacement... why not stuff the GH4 and YAGH in a camcorder format body with a nice m4/3 servo zoom?

  • Will the motion in 24 fps be more smooth in the GH4? We sometimes have to settle for irregular shutter speeds (1/40, 1/30) to simulate cinematic movement. This of course, often, adds a little too much blur to the image.

    • will an option for 720p120 be added?
    • is the 1080p96 really upscaled 720p?
    • what is the maximum write speed of the internal SD controller?
    • (is it hackable to CDNG?) :-P
  • Any plans to make a telephoto lens that is longer than 300mm?

  • Will Panasonic add focus peaking to the GH3? If not, why not? If a $300 monitor can do it, then surely the GH3 can.

  • I pretty much was hinted that there wasn't any updates on the 7-14 lens. Plus, I don't think there will many more Panny-Leica type lenses in the future. Take this with a grain of salt.

  • Can/will Panasonic add 1080i50/60 and 1080p50/60 support to the GH3's ExTele mode?

  • Related to @tosvus comment above, is it techically possible to/will Panasonic add 422 10-bit HDMI out to the GH3 as an option?

  • THIS Q&A IS NOW CLOSED Closing date was Last friday!

  • Answers will be appearing in a new thread within the next week or so. They are coming back from Japan.

  • Thanks for collecting all of our questions and getting them to the right person!

  • Are answers available, yet? Just checking if might have missed the relevant thread...

  • Not yet Karl. As soon as I get them back they'll be up here.

  • Any news? I would like to know their answers.

  • Waiting on Japan. Ive asked UK to hurry this up.

  • @driftwood: Your first post dates to the 1st of April. Guess it is about time to reveal the joke.

  • @neveraholiday

    Not a joke, just Nick and Panasonic guys are too busy now.

  • Too busy doing what? Cost cutting? Layoffs? moving old stock? developing a firmware upgrade for the GH4? Developing a 7-14 f/2.8 lens?

  • @RRRoger

    Have no idea about Panasonic. Nick is busy with work and his personal projects.

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