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Is it time to sale the GH2 & upgrade to GH4 ?
  • Fellas im thinking about selling my GH2 to get the GH4 is it worth it? Or should i keep GH2 because of the cult status?

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  • Burry it and then create a map for future generations :)

    In all seriousness though, why would you ask someone else about what you need (without even mentioning the type of use)?

    I've always found it weird when people ask about what they should do, because it's a good indication that they shouldn't do it :-)

  • May be it is too soon? GH4 price will drop, GH5 will arrive, but GH2 value will be only rising :-)

  • I've noticed a slight but steady drop in gh2 prices, as gh3 prices drop. I personally never sell cameras. The resultant loss is far more painful than any minimal gain.

  • There several paths in this. One is if the item may become unique or collectors so keep it for collector reason or to donate to a museum or college. If it is cool (like GH2) and you do not really need the money keep it or donate it or save for backup. But if you need the money and a new much better product is out and you can sell the old to help offset cost of new do it. If you can get $400 for your GH2 to apply to GH4 go for it. I had a GH2 I bought open box for around $500 and did not use it (backup) and sold it on evilBay for almost same price. That money is going to a GH4. Also, if you have stuff you do not use it consider getting rid of it (unless it is a backup). I have too many toys and my wife does not mind as long as I use them. The ones that are not used become an issue. Get rid of stuff you do not use. Hope that makes sense.

  • If the GH4 will be your only camera if you sell the GH2, I would probably keep it if you do any paid work. You never know when a really cheap and GOOD B cam will be needed. I sold two of mine but just can't part with the 3rd. It's used all the time now for BTS with the Sanity hack on it too keep the file sizes small. Clients love it. Plus I use it to self tape auditions when I need to.

  • Save your money and keep the GH2. If you're a filmmaker, GH2 won't be the limiting factor. You are the limiting factor.

  • Consider the gap between when you sell it and when you buy the GH4 (as it isn't even shipping yet!).

    What camera do you have until then? And what needs do you have?

    And do you have a need for the GH2 as your B cam?

  • I'll never sell my GH2. Every patch you can put in it, is like a different color science. Why sell a thing that is light, gorgeous and can make as a B cam for various project, even for feature film? Keep yours, don't sell, that's few hundred dollars that can save your arse if your A cam fails during a project :-)

  • I say keep it - it's an awesome camera. Maybe even buy 1 or 2 more GH2s if you're gonna be shooting where multicam setup would help.

  • keep it.

  • Definitely keep it.. I'm glad that I've got mine 2 used from guys from here. As I do very little paid projects now any expensive gear is out of question. I was considering buying GH3 but I've got 2 GH2s and Sigma 60mm lens as nice addition to them. And it costs less than GH3 body.. :) And my video looks superb compared to some "pros" in here :)

  • Definitely keep it! I'm buying the GH4 and using the GH2 as a B cam for my next film.

  • @vicharris

    I agree with you 100%. I did sell my GH2 and bought a GH3 and while I was going to buy a GH4 and sell my GH3, now I'm thinking I will not buy GH4 (at least not upon release) and hold unto my GH3 and just buy some nice glass.

    If working on a bigger production you can always rent bigger/better cameras but as a quick B camera the GH3 or Hacked GH2 can get some really nice footage and you can easily make a couple of hundred dollars a day doing that kind of work

    Also for documentary work, interviews, bts these cameras are excellent. GH4 as of now seems good but I haven't been too impressed with the dynamic range.

    Blackmagic cameras have really spoiled it for me.

  • Dont sell it, it has character. You never know when you need a special look at 1080p. The patches increase its value for functionality. its a special camera that right now, its seen as meeh GH2. Wait for time will tell.

    Buy GH4 you can rent glass, and with paid work buy rokinon greatness of cheapness money gathering primes lol.

  • Keep it if smart!

    The price will not drop significantly after GH4 comes on the market ! Take my word: april 2015, GH2 will still cost around 300$ (not to mention that it's a 1-2 dayss of work with it). Plus you still don't know all the downsides and limiting factors of GH4...

    And also, what are you going to shoot with between selling camera now and buying a new camera in 1-2 months?:)

  • i still held onto my gh2 after getting the gh3. I am more inclined to sell my gh3 when my gh4 arrives to offset for a second gh4 body possibly. that or spend it on booze and strippers and film them in 4k =)

  • Nope. It is time to sell the GH3 and upgrade to a GH4. Sold the GH2 a long time ago when I got the GH3.

  • There is nothing the GH2 can do that the GH4 won't be able to do. If you need a backup camera then the GH2 would be fine. Otherwise the GH4 is simply a better camera for a lot more money.

  • @MRFanny - you won't get that much for it..

  • it isn't even shipping yet!

    Do you do all things prematurely, or just part with perfectly good cameras? ;-)

  • Thinkin a device upgrade too….from Gh2 up to 96fps….

  • @mpgxsvcd:

    Yes there is. No other camera (aside from GH1) can get you a wider photo perspective (aka HFOV). :(

    Not even the almighty GH4.