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Panasonic accelerates m43 cameras production, GH4 is big on preorders
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  • is that a joke? tomorrow is April Fools' Day

  • @valpopando

    I don't think so. All dealers are really agitated, even after checking their own sources.

  • @MikeLinn how can you say all dealers are agitated?

  • @Renovatio

    At least ones I talked to.

  • Anyway i do not care if m43 sensors flow away, the important is the improvement in smaller sensor, as we can use in future m43 lens and adapters and speedboster etc.

  • I don't really understand the consumer DSLR market - most people I know with DSLR cameras never remove the lens and never take the camera off auto. They ask me how I get a shot with a blurred background and I say I open the aperture on my fast primes so that I have a very shallow depth of field. They look at me like I'm speaking a different language. Most people that buy a DSLR would be much better served by a smaller sensor and fixed lens. But if they want something that looks the part then the lumix cameras are better for them than a Cannon with wider zoom range on the kit lenses and better AF, etc.

  • I can't bealive that.

  • I just heard a few troubling points from @Driftwood. This may require a big change in my shooting plan.

    Anyway, he said he might get on here later with some of the things he's heard...

  • @ragnar the difference is that you can adapt older obsolete glass to M43, you can't adapt M43 too anything else, so once the cameras are obsolete there is nowhere to use the glass.

  • I understood that. Maybe this all fell apart after the Great Recession of 2008-2009. Yes, most countries have growth now but it's anemic and small. People just don't have the extra pocket money to spend like they did in the crazy 90s and early 2000s. Add to that the crowded field of many many ILC choices and one of them has to suffer and fall by the wayside. Perhaps that's what's happening to the m43 line.

  • What a great opportunity. I'll buy at least 5 g6's for half price ! That'll last me until thru wwlll ! And then V will hack them, and they'll be worth their weight in gold !

  • Mr. Yakusuni who posted the alleged translation has zero activity on YT. Kinda suspicious. Anybody understands Japanese here? Aren't they discussing last night at a strip joint?

  • Thank God I didn't get that Olympus M.Zuiko zoom like I wanted to! I'll definitely stay with FF lenses from now on as all I have in the m43 mount is my GH2's kit lens. I feel sorry for those who bought a ton of m43 glass.

    Perhaps Voigtlander and other popular brands will come out with FF versions.

    Is it remotely possible that this little bathroom gab fest was leaked intentionally by Panasonic in order to throw off their competition? Reverse corporate espionage? Otherwise, Canon and Nikon are dancing a jig. They can continue with their over priced, under speced offerings with little to no competition.

  • I'm still thinking this will turn out to be a joke - but even if it isn't, as someone said above, the cameras won't suddenly stop working.

  • @zigizigi

    We have few Japanese members, they PMed that translation is pretty accurate.

  • While this is sad, sad news, tomorrow I will be announcing my kickstarter project, the 'UM43' (undead micro 4/3) an open source, 6k, $1,500 camera with micro 4/3 mount lens. I only need seven and hundred fifty grand, and we'll be shipping preorders in 90 days...or so...

  • @kellar42 How much is the "pledge" ? I think I'd call it the m433 instead !

  • @Mimirsan

    Micro 4/3 -based GH line has potential to be good affordable 4k system for next ten years, going beyond 30p framerate and 8 bit internal codecs in next iterations. Eventually technology will go beyond GH4. Already features like 4k 60p would be useful, but in future it might be outright required for some purposes.

    No new micro four thirds cameras would mean losing the potential of existing and adapted lenses when demands become higher than what current cameras are capable of. But perhaps more importantly - if this news was really true and meant no GH5 - it'd mean losing a manufacturer willing to offer very good features to enthusiasts and professionals on a budget.

  • Full frame trolls are going to literally explode on m43 rumors tomorrow, pounding their chests like the alpha gorilla (of mom's basement). ETA - get your popcorn ready.

  • suckers ; ).

  • I can't say I am surprised if that were to be true. We seem to have two basic categories of users; professionals and average consumers. 90% of the consumers are point and shoot and auto mode type. When pocket camera came out a while ago, it was a hit until smartphones showed up with decent cameras and pocket camera went out of business. Now you have companies like olloclip and others who are making wide angle, tele and fish-eye lenses for smartphones. Sony and Samsung are working on 4K video for their smartphones. Check out the Ultrakam camera app in iTunes, it is recording 2K video in 24p with raw footage in 4.2.0 with iphone 5s that takes 3GB for a minute of footage in highest resolution. Cameras in Smartphones and wearable devices will satisfy the needs of majority of the mass consumers. The lines of cameras for professionals and prosumers will separate themselves from consumers by becoming fancier and using full frame sensors and technology that can't be accommodated with wearable devices. There are plenty of signs out there that flag these changes if we due the diligence to pay attention to them. My 2 cents.

  • @nobbystylus

    Hard to upset you, but it is real stuff. Just not cheap as it is handmade.

  • @kellar42 Throw in a crank on the side and I'll pay double!!

  • I do not see much reason to panic about preorders. Many on this site are still using their GH2's and there is no reason to suspect that Panasonic will stop repair support for their cameras. Some of us may take a hit on the value of our lens collection or might just be able to buy other lenses for less money. New GH4's have many years of imaging ahead of them. If this rumor proves to be true it will just make me hold onto lenses since no newer lenses will be coming from Panasonic. I am baffled by this.

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