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Panasonic accelerates m43 cameras production, GH4 is big on preorders
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  • This is here is interesting: Slide 5, "Eliminate Major Unprofitable Businesses ... DSC: Consolidate with camcorder business and move into new areas".

  • A bathroom clandestine recording? That's the source? C'mon.

    Source is very good as Andrea said and also match other reports that I got on Friday.

  • I hope that it is not true. I've just bought an E-M10 to partner my GX7, and a bunch of m43 glass.

    And the value of it all will drop as hell if it is true.

  • I've just bought an E-M10 to partner my GX7, and a bunch of m43 glass.

    Olympus will stay with m43 for about a year and after this will move into Sony E mount.

  • 43rumors has a new post from today that is far less earth shattering than this.

  • Bloomberg article from Jan. 9, 2013 mentions March 31 of 2013 as being a date of change. Do they do big changes every year on March 31st? Perhaps. Isn't that date the end of the first business quarter?

  • Just talked with small US dealer who sells Panasonic cameras. They suspected something like it since January, as sales are constantly dropping and upstream reactions looked very strange.

  • @ragnar

    Panasonic financial year is ending at March 31.

  • Olympus will stay with m43 for about a year and after this will move into Sony E mount.

    The result will be the same - everybody will know about it and the value will drop anyway. =/

  • Well, as a hobbyist, I'll live if it ends up being true. I have a GH2, and a new GX7, both excellent cams. The only glass I have are the wonderful Oly 60mm Macro, the Pana 7-14m, the 100-600mm, and the stock one that came with my GH2. I can shoot my birds and insects with this stuff for decades. I'm not bound by product loyalty. I'll go do my research, like we all do, and match the best features to dollars on the next system I jump into. Hey, I once thought my Commodore 64C was the end of all computing. I guess I was wrong there too.

  • Commodore 64 was badass in 1983

  • So sad for my newly aquired cmount Fujinons :(

  • The result will be the same - everybody will know about it and the value will drop anyway. =/

    No, both companies won't make ANY announcement as they need to sell stock and fast. They will just keep promising as it was with 43 mount.

  • I'm going out and buy another g6 this very moment ! Actually...I love discontinued systems. Laser discs weren't really cool until they were replaced by dvd's.

  • Yeah, they could not make any announcement, but the m43 users in general read more info about their equipment - since they already entered in the mount knowing that is kind of a niche.

    Personal View, 43rumors and other sites did not exist in the 43 mount times. :)

  • It will be stupid to discontinue GH4. There is nothing like it in that category.

  • @Zaven13

    Sometimes it is good to read titles.

  • This is the crown for the Panny "empire of stupidity" approach to their micro 4/3 G line. Canon had the same paradigm shaking photo/video shift occure with the 5D MII and they leveraged a whole new product line from it, while panny acted like hacking their firmware was akin to feeling up their daughters. As time went by and the AF100 was never updated, I began to get a gut feeling that the G series was in trouble. I bet the head of the pro video line is like the President's son, which caused them to protect their video line above all else, regardless of the changes going on in every other company. I just bought a BMPC because I couldn't devise an easy workflow for my GH2... and that sensor is even smaller!

  • Time to "go long" on Panny stock.

  • @Vitaliy. I stand corrected on the GH4 case.

  • WTF I've just ordered the rj adapter!
    And Olympus? WTF I was waiting for a 24p Olympus camera! Lol could wait endless in any case here..

    So that's true? Is it the end of m43 world? And all the lenses?

  • @Renovatio

    Remember we still have Taiwan company that bough Kodak brand for cameras. They plan few new cameras.

  • Interesting question is whether they're fully abandoning micro 4/3 mount, and whether the GH series will continue after GH4, be it with micro 4/3 or some other mount.

    Related to this, it would be good to know which G/GH models have sold best and been most profitable. Looking at local retailers here in Northern Europe, the "pro" models like GH keep their full price for a long time, while limited-function consumer G models have been heavily discounted for years now.

  • @tetakpatak "now is only BMCC and NEX left for your lenses"

    How do I get them on NEX? It's even shorter than µFT!

    Many of them aren't really that great on the BMPCC, missing correction and getting crappy autofocus. Plus, that sensor is small enough for 1" or S-16 glass.

    You see, I'm more concerned about my investment in lenses, since that is the bigger investment. OK, most of my vintage glass can go on FF too, but stuff like Voigts or SpeedBoosters become useless!

    For quite a while µFT was very attractive because you got excellent quality even for stills in a very compact system. But now there is the Sony A7/A7R and as soon as there is enough genuine glass for it, it might threaten the µFT market. And Sony makes their own sensors, while Panny switched recently, AFAIK.

  • The hope is Sigma make a M4/3 with foveon sensor. A foveon sensor with better low-light performance kill the bayer sensor forever. :(

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