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RJ Lens Turbo m43 adapters
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  • @vicharris The Takumars SMC are known for their great bokeh and the faster aperture of the speed booster makes the 50mmf1.4 a very nice bokeh lens. I cant wait to get my smayang 85t1.5 to test it on the speed booster!

  • So that shot is with the Takumar SMC 50/1.4? My Takumar's have nice and smooth bokeh, but not swirly like a Helios 44M. Is it the adapter that is making this bokeh, or is it just a version of the Takumar's that have swirly bokeh?

  • It may be the adapter, I do not recall the lens doing this on his own

  • Here's a screenshot with the Rokinon 85mm @ 1.5 with GH3

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • Ahhh, yes, I was referring to the swirling bokeh as well.

  • Yet together with the Adapter, it seems the "swirlyness" improves.

    On my Samyang, you get the oval bokeh with pointy ends (sorry for description) very visible, yet the same Lens on a 5D will have them but much less, and only on the widest points (which is wider then e.g. GH2+Adapter)

    I don't mind it, but something to keep in mind

  • RJ booster M42 with Helios 44-2 looks great, looks like it is giving a little boost also to this normally quite low contrasty lens.

  • @gameb I want to get some christmas lights this evening, having a copy of the 40-2 at home. Might be interesting how that one can perform on MFT :)

  • Hi

    I have a questions. Adjusting options for the optics makes me wonder if the adapter is the only difference between these mount versions. I have many MF lenses (M42,F/GNikon) adapted to Canon EF and then to MFT. How much chance do I have that the canon EF version fits all and it's just about the flange distance and mount shape? Maybe someone with 2 different adapters can say something about that. Maybe line op the mft mount and try to focus on a text if that works.

  • @RKM

    I used...

    -Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8, Nikon G with EF Adapter -Olympus OM 50mm f/1.8 with EF Adapter -Canon FD 55mm f/1.2 converted to EF mount -various M42 Lenses with EF Adapter

    ...all on the EF-MFT Lens Turbo. And had not a single problem (even with Infinity on the Tokina) so far.

  • Some samples, frame grabs, EF RJ speed booster, panasonic G6, Takumar 50 f1.4 and samyang 14t3.1 The blue flare issue is not too disturbing for me, but I see how it could be an issue for some shooters!

    00033.MTS.Image fixe001.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 636K
    00033.MTS.Image fixe003.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 515K
    00033.MTS.Image fixe004.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 516K
    00033.MTS.Image fixe002.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 607K
  • @Adam_Mercier Was that tunnel shot done with the Samyang 14mm?

  • No, with the 50 wide open or 2.8 (I don't remember) the G6 gets quite good in lowligth with the RJ ;) and with a 1.4 crop the 50mms actually are usable as a standard lens!

  • The Tak 50 1.4 with the booster becomes a aprox 70mm lens

  • @Adam_Mercier , I'm wanting to get the Nikon 35mm f/1.8, which would be even more useable as a "standard lens" with the Lens Turbo :-D

  • I want to get either samyang 24t1.5 or 35t1.5 down the line! Not cheap but so fast! Really fast with the booster!

  • Received my EF booster from RJ and initial tests indicate it works well with my Samyang 85mm & Tamron 17-50mm(Pentax mount). Bit of vignetting on the Tamron but I believe it's perhaps a flaw in the lens that the booster simply reveals when transforming to APS-H size sensor on GH2. These guys beat Metabones to the punch for creating the dumb EF mount we all wanted - and from what I can tell its a good buy. Might have to get another one.

  • @Adam_Mercier The 35mm T1.5 performs well with the Lens Turbo, yet wide-open it's not too well. However, at f/2 it's as fast as w/o Lens Turbo and actually performing better (except for the far edges) :)

  • Just a silly question...Metabones/RJ etc.. adapters does influence the minimum focus distance of a lens?

  • Didn't tested tbh. On my Tokina, I'm at infinity when I have the indication on 3m though. But could also be my lens, was repaired once.

  • "I'm at infinity when I have the indication on 3m though." That's a clear sign it will make minimum focus farther away. Does anyone know if the Metabones SB does this too?

  • @pchristoph "These guys beat Metabones to the punch for creating the dumb EF mount we all wanted " out of curiosity, how do you change the iris / control exposure while using it?

  • @CFreak - I don't :-) I've got a piece of folded paper jammed in the lever mechanism to force the aperture wide open. This will work for controlled environment settings but not recommended for run-n-gun unless you carry a vari-ND and only want shallow DOF. Also, the Samyang 85 1.4 is beautiful with the booster.

  • @CFreak Many people choose to have EF mount lens for their set, even if they only have manual lenses. EF seems pretty future proof to me. Great (if not best) selection of glass and compatible with most pro cams or mirorless options. With manual lenses a dumb EF mount is great :) A meaningless sample test with the RJ booster, filmed with a G6 :

  • @Adam_Mercier I guess one could also choose FD->M43 as a base and use EF->FD and F->FD adapters, although i must admit i don't see on Ebay any adapters "to FD", only from "FD" lens to Nikon/Canon/etc...