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16mm Samyang Rokinon F2 or Cine T2.2 lens
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  • @Ralph_B Well, I went through 3 copies to get this one and it was never soft on my GH2. I used it all the time for my wide shots, so I don't know what to say. Also I used focus peaking and zoom in on the BMCC. The focus peaking was exactly at the same point on all three lenses.

  • So are you saying it's soft on the BMCC and not on the GH2?

  • Yep. A few people have reported this problem, especially with the corners. I'll do another test and use my Ikan monitor to punch in. I think it zooms in further for critical focus.

  • The Tokina is soft on the camera, Vic is right. In fact, it's not a sharp lens to begin with. It was never sharp on any camera, but it was the fastest 11mm SLR lens you could find, in fact it's an 11-16/2.8, that's why it's been so popular.

    It gets worse on smaller sensor, always has. Definitely looks better on a larger sensor than it ever did on the GH2, and better on the GH2 than it does BV1 and likely BPC

    The 16/2 Samyang was a pleasant surprise for me. Not a bad lens as far as I could tell.

    Still going with 18-35/1.8 though xDDD

  • @kholi Yes we all know you have some sort of perverted deep infatuation with the 18-35/1.8. It's ok and there's nothing wrong with that! I'll be right there with ya when it comes out!

  • That makes sense - the smaller the sensor, the more the camera is "blowing up" the image formed by the lens.

  • Samyang’s 16mm f2 is fairly solidly built. When you grip it, you feel a substantial lens and part of this has to do with the giant manual focusing ring equivalent to the most beefy cut of steak that you’ve probably ever had


    We’re really not sure if there is anything for APS-C sensor DSLRs that can beat the sharpness of this lens. The detail that this lens is capable of resolving is astounding.


    800 x 751 - 104K
    800 x 501 - 80K
  • Buy it Buy it Buy it!! Just returned my normal one only because I'll purchase the Cine version when it's released.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev ....I can't tell anything about this lens because the car was already spotlessly clean before he shot the video. Shouldn't he have at least driven thru a little mud puddle first ?

  • Holy crap is that a real review? I have another one of these coming in tomorrow and I'm heading up to Hollywood Camera tomorrow to do tests with the BMCC, RED Dragon, FS700 BMPCC and maybe a GH2. I'll post those results because this is just awful. The footage even looks bad regardless the lens. The compression is horrible. Wow. I'll try to get some Rokinon Glass on the RED but I don't know if they have an adapter there for it.

  • The guy comment in his video : "I'm just a guy who love to shoot videos for his friends and family." Give him a break, he's cool. :-)

  • image

    It’s perfectly sharp wide open, almost completely to the extreme corners.


    Like all previous Rokinon lenses, it feels well-constructed and rock-solid. The focus is buttery smooth, a delight to use for anyone who enjoys manual focus, such as nature photographers or videographers.

    800 x 531 - 83K
    800 x 532 - 53K
  • I'm in need of a fast wide angle prime for my GH2 and I'm heavily debating between the 16mm and the 14mm. The only real reason I'm thinking 14mm is because it covers full frame which would be a longer lasting investment if I ever go that route. Pretty much everything else is better on the 16mm though it seems. Hey for $399 I won't complain if I have to buy the 14mm down the road.

  • @IVIaverick52:

    Get the 16mm. It´s definitely better. Better image quality (the 14mm isn´t by far the best choice - as far as I read about it), the 16mm is faster (aperture wise) AND it´s also equipped with a filter thread (which isn´t the case with the 14mm). So it´s also easier to use with standard filters (and it´s also way better compatible to matteboxes). So: More or less just "pros" FOR the 16mm ^^.

    Btw.: The full frame compatibility is nice yes. But what´s the use - You can still switch as soon as you need FF lenses ^^. (AND the 16mm is even compatible to the speed booster. So ...)

    Lg, Tscheckoff

  • The 14mm is the worst lens Rokinon makes. There's no comparison between the two in terms of image quality. Also the barrel distortion is horrible on the 14. Used it once and never picked it up again. Went with the Tokina 11-16 till I bought the 16mm.

  • I just received my Speed-booster this week and tested this lens on it... It works great! I know some were skeptical about vignetting with the focal reducers, due to the 16mm f2.0 being made for APS-C senors and not FF... but I can report that there is no vignetting on either the GH3 or BMCC! (at least for video, I have not fully tested it with the GH3's 4/3 still mode yet) Great combo if you need that 26mm f1.4 look on m4/3 sensors! I can post samples if anyone is interested...

  • @bwhitz

    Yeah, I'm interested. Please shoot something that's in focus across the entire frame, including the corners. And of course, shoot wide open :)

  • @bwhitz which speedbooster mount did you use the samyang with?

  • maranfilms March 27

    All shots were done with the Samyang (Rokinon) 16MM cine lens used on a G6. Great lens, little distortion, sharp with good contrast. This lens comes to life as most do around F4-8, but can be pushed either way and still produce a nice image. If your a m4/3rds shooter, I would go for it in that mount to do away with an adapter due to the size. This lens is smooth with a follow focus, although for this vid, I shot it stock, focus was all done in hand.

  • @maranfilms Great looking shots here.

  • The m4/3 version of the lens shouldn't be any smaller than one of the other versions with an adapter, the m4/3 version simply has an adapter built into it already. And if you get the m4/3 version, you lose the option of SpeedBoostering it later.

  • Thanks matt, really love that lens, a real pleasure shooting a wide lens with good sharpness, contrast and low distortion. It's a great match for the m/43rds sensor. I also love that it has an incredible focal range, you can literally shoot from like 5" inches away from your subject. I would absolutely recommend this lens as a necessity if your budget allows.

  • "The m4/3 version of the lens shouldn't be any smaller than one of the other versions with an adapter, the m4/3 version simply has an adapter built into it already"

    Exactly my point, the adapter makes it about three inches longer, I suppose if your a fan of the speed booster (which personally I'm not) or have a Canon, Nikon, etc... then yes, go for that mount so you have options. But if you only use m4/3rds, then I think your best bet is to get it in that mount. It's just one less thing you have to deal with, not to mention, Samyang lenses are much heavier than the Panasonic, so with the adapter, your lens is longer which adds more weight to the mount, which in turn has more twist when using a follow focus.

  • You misunderstood my post. The m4/3 version of the lens would be the same length as a Nikon or Canon version with the appropriate adapter. The optical formula is the same in all the various versions of the lens, thus the lens-to-sensor distance is the same. The different mounts just space the lens the correct distance away from their corresponding cameras to put the lens at that same distance from the sensor.

    It's true that going with a m4/3 version of the lens will eliminate the variability of an adapter, but I don't think that's worth losing the possibility of using your lenses with a speedbooster and/or different cameras, or the higher resale value of a lens for a more popular system (i.e. Canon or Nikon). Just get a halfway decent adapter and check that it focuses correctly.