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14-140mm F3.5-5.6 Panasonic zoom lens, 2013 version
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  • No word on compatibility yet? Will it work with the GH1/GH2 without a firmware update?

  • @Mr_Moore No word on compatibility yet? Will it work with the GH1/GH2 without a firmware update?

    Has there ever been an incompatible Micro 4/3 lens for a Micro 4/3 camera?

    I'm pretty sure it will work with all system bodies.

  • While subjective assessments of test shots and video clips showed them to be acceptably detailed, with natural-looking colours and an adequate dynamic range in outdoor lighting, our Imatest tests revealed the new lens suffered from the same performance issues as most extended-range zoom lenses.

    At no point did the resolution recorded in our tests reach expectations for the 16-megapixel sensor in the GF6. Interestingly, corner and edge softening was less than we found with the original 14-140mm f/4.0-5.8 lens, as shown in the graph of our Imatest results below.



  • 14-140mm II vs 14-140mm and 14-150mm

    more purple fringe than older lens, but image look more sharper

  • Review

    Sharpness in the centre of the frame at 14mm and maximum aperture is already excellent, and the clarity toward the edges of the frame approaches very good levels.


    Falloff of illumination towards the edges of the frame is fairly well controlled throughout the zoom range. At 14mm the corners are 1.86 stops darker than the image centre at maximum aperture and at 140mm the corners are 1.58 stops darker.


    For a 10x zoom lens, chromatic aberrations are very well controlled throughout the zoom range.


    Distortion is extremely well controlled for such a superzoom lens.


    800 x 597 - 135K
    660 x 486 - 59K
    669 x 487 - 53K
    673 x 510 - 49K
  • Another comparison of the new versus old Panasonic 14-140mm lens:

    The improved sharpness, and the more compact form factor makes the new lens much more useful as a walk around lens

    Diagram of the Aperture range

  • Hi Guys, I have the older 14-140 mm Lens, but it has a 'spot' (perhaps dust) for a while. The dust spot stays on the same place, even if I zoom in, so I suppose the problems is more near the screwing point of the lens, but it is not on outside glass. Does someone have any idea how I can get rid of it? I use it for video, so photoshopping the dust away, isn't an option. THANKS!

    Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 11.32.59.png
    1640 x 795 - 616K
  • Hi Tommy, looks like it could be dust on your sensor maybe?

  • @leprechaun Thanks, but I thought it isn't. The spot doesn't show with different lenses. Someone any idea how to clean a lens?

  • @tommy

    Make good photos of rear lens elements. As such spot must be clearly visible on glass.

  • image

    The lens is very fast to focus on the latest cameras, such as the DMC-GX7 that we tested it on, and the fact that the auto-focus system is virtually silent makes it well-suited to shooting video as well as stills. The MEGA O.I.S. system is very effective when hand-holding the lens. Optically this lens is a good performer.

    800 x 597 - 88K
  • I dont know if my 14-140 mk2 lens is broken but the stabilization in video mode is bad. It smooths big movements but leaves fast "micro jitter" or vibration which looks bad in big screen.

    I tested my old 14-42 lens with GH4 and it is very stable. My 100-300 is very stable and calm too. In fact I can shoot handheld more stable video in 300mm than in 14mm with this superzoom. Frame moves a little but no fast vibration. I use 60P 100mbs.

    I have seen some examples of fast jitter with other cameras like RX10 and some new cameras has also electronic stabilators maybe for this reason. New Pana FZ1000 has electr. stab too.

    Many has said that the new 14-140 superzoom has very good stabilization. Is there anybody with this issue?

  • @Vesku: Had til now three of them in my hands - No such problem at all. At least I never recognized such a problem. If you have the chance - Try out another 14-140mm 3.5-5.6 on your GH4 - Then you can be sure, that it´s the lens, the body or the combo of both.

  • I think it may be the POWER OIS charasterics. This 12-35mm GH4 video vibrates same way.

    Wide shots should be rock stable even handheld.

  • Some observations from:

    Google translations from german


    "Have recently the Panasonic 14-140mm. The main reason for buying was of course the zoom range to extend my 14-42mm. But had hoped for a better stabilization. The 14-42mm is according to Panasonic equipped with a Mega OIS. , the 14-140mm with Power OIS DC doubled compensate for camera shake promises Panasonic. The greater my disappointment when I compared with the 14-42mm. I see no advantage for the 14-140mm. ..... It is virtually impossible from the hand to take video that do not wobble. I do not mean gross wobble. It this fine, unpleasant to be regarded wobble. Especially "vertical rotation". The 14-42mm is there even a little better.Unfortunately. ......Too bad that the stabilizers of camcorders are soooo much better than the built-in lenses.


    "I think that compared to the Mega OIS of the Power OIS brings improvements at most in photo mode. For video, the "improvement" cast so that the quite natural-looking large-scale shaking of the entire video image is replaced by a behavior in which individual elements of the subject are indeed stable, but might move against each other dynamically.This leads to an unsteady image impression one might almost be called fibrillation. Perhaps this impression is also created by the limited sampling rate of the sensor........ It only helps a stable support or a tripod. I myself have already tested several Panasonic lenses and have come to the conclusion that me the Mega OIS was better for video. The Power OIS seems to be implemented differently, depending on the main target group of the lens (photographer or videographer). Most striking is the negative video-flicker effect in my opinion just the sharpest and most expensive lens, the 35-100 / 2.8. For this affect the stability of this lens in photo mode phenomenal. Best behave in the video PZ lenses, so the 14-42 PZ and PZ 45-175. Especially the small and lightweight PZ 14-42 produces the quietest video images, even though one would think ought to that larger and heavier lenses in the advantage would be. The new 14-140 lies with its implementation of the Power OIS somewhere in between. The old 14-140 with its Mega OIS produced slightly smoother video recording, ........ the Power OIS effect is barely disturbing due to the wide angle characteristics, but is also visible when one pays close attention.

  • @Vesku I don't have the 14-140, but I totally disagree with the posters from the German forum. The Power OIS on the 12-35 is much better than that on the PZ 14-42. I shot them back to back and the 12-35 looks quite stable while the 14-42 looks like it was shot from a small boat -- really bad.

  • @AdamT

    Thanks for feedback. My 14-140mm could be broken. I hope so. It is so hard to shoot stable video with it. It is stable when I mount it in tripod but that is not the point of stabilization. I must test more - shutter speeds, apertures, holding techniques, breathing....

  • I tested more and I figured a strange thing with my GH4 and 14-140mm.

    I shooted handheld at 140mm / ex-tele / 2x digital zoom with EVF. When looking through EVF image is quite stable but when I start recording image starts to vibrate and wobble.

    I would be very thankful if someone with 14-140mm could test this too

  • I downloaded my tests to Vimeo:

    My new 14-140 lens seems to be broken. Compared to old 14-42 it vibrates very nasty.

    What do do think? Is this normal

  • @Vesku This is a shot in the dark, but wasn't there a firmware update for the some of the Panasonic lenses? If so, might be available on Panasonic site. Good luck.

  • No FW update for new 14-140

  • @Vesku Make same test on tripod . some copy of pana lens OIS got jitter issue Check this :

    If so , You have to ask for replacement

  • @valpopando

    ...It is stable when I mount it in tripod but that is not the point of stabilization...

    From 5 post earlier :)

    I have studied that case of 12-35mm also.