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GH3 for timelapse work
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  • he-hey @neokoo I've been using mpegstreamclip for years, why didn't I use it here???... mmm, ah yeah, 'cause I wanted to go with ut codecs and Mpsc gave me a can't set the compression buffer error message. Transcoding to VirtualDub still the achyles heal in my workflow for this kind of TL. I haven't figure out yet if it's working (though everything indicates so) at 8bit or 10bit. In the beginning I wanted to use ut 10bit 422, I'm pretty sure I can further reduce luma banding in the sky :D, now I'm seeing better fit a proRES 444 or any other good 444 instead. Anyway, I installed quicktime for windows, download some interesting opensource conversion projects... let's see, lets eat first, je je. Now that plans have changed may give mr blue dots another go. Chiiirs neokoo

  • BTW if anyone from Panasonic is reading this, I have some firmware/software suggestions for Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 just regarding timelapse:

    1. Aknowledge and FIX the ducking dark areas tone shifting, that's about the most unreliable, shameful and non-pro bug/issue I've seen in a piece of equipment at this price tag!!!

    2. You could make up to us (your customers) making a real nice Intervalometer, with HDR capabilities, bulb ramping and more detailed time control, but first fix the hole on the roof ;-)

    3. This one is a bit different; would be very nice if you implemented a sound recorder on GH3 camera, yes the one you endorse as being portable µFT top of the pops for video (image&sound), so just sound recorder shouldn't be so hard, with different formats and compression settings. Also I personally would love a feature that allowed me to record audio non-stop and simultaneously while timelapse was taking place so later I may be able to edit the sound and use it as background/effex in the final mix. Extra cool and most necessary/coherent would be some sort of timecode or reference so that to find which sound synced with each still would be no sweat

    ok, that's it... for now

  • I've used the GH3 for quite a few timelapses - the most recent one is here which involves timelapses and hyperlapses:

    I've found the GH3 to be great camera for timelapses - having an in-built intervalometer makes life a lot easier and being able to play back what you have shot gives a quick snapshot of what it might look like. Real HDR timelapse in-built would be nice though.

  • GH3 - 12-35mm

    There's a TLTools 4.0.53 BETA-5 version (May 2014)


    Also featuring clouds, also from Tortugal, also with music but with my general bad taste :P


    Line of Fire by Junip
    • grilling of fish (mi lunch)
    • line from girl in Jim Jarmush’s Mystery Train
    • 72 year old stone master Mr. Marqués steady and preciselly at work =)
    • Akira Kurosawa’s Nora Inu (1949) final confrontation sequence scream

    TL workflow

    Before the idea of making a TL even crossing my mind, look, be participant
    of the wonders of this life, no bullshit, that’s most important… at least 4 me.

    GH3 camera in M mode + pany 14-140 @ 14mm / tripod
    5’’ interval \ shuter 1/2000 \ ISO 200 \ f6.3 – first hand of smoke paint

    LR + LRtimelapse back und forward \ 3 strategic keyframes spies
    exported as 658 Full HD 16 bit Tifs – disengagng WC props and lunch

    AE for sazoning / mixed my own LUT (NK-7) with a sepia one / desaturated /
    twin masks to ease focus :P \ mixed of @TrackZillas great grain recipe with
    my own spitting \ queu comp, save project \ about an hour of AeRender – time for second hand of painting

    Having too much fun linerly mixing stuff inside good old Quicktime buddy
    I had to make room for H the Seagull, so just threw on him an arri and a speedgraVe LUTs
    Everything needs to end, so I say it’s good enough :-) – cleaning the mess, but my hands still white of paint

    Now’s completelly dark, I’m happy with the result… and grateful,
    it’s not everyday I manage to balance such “different jobs”
    time for piggy shower and dinner, yihhhhhhaaaaaAAAA!!!