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Sony RX10, 1" sensor, big F2.8 constant zoom, video oriented machine
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  • In my line of work (hectic wedding shoots) this could be very useful.

    Up until now I've had two choices: 1) Sony CX camcorders with amazing stabilization and a responsive 10x servo zoom or 2) Panny G6 with fast manual primes or manual 3x zooms.

    Both setups have their drawbacks. The camcorder's unesthetical deep DOF, lack of dynamic range and average low light IQ. The G6 isn't on the other hand so effective in an event type situation, with swapping lenses and all. I've yet to find a decent zoom to cover all setups.

    I've also tried the RX100 to some extent, but it's only useful in wide mode. I need to zoom in quickly on the action and still have good IQ.

    The RX10 looks like the combo I'm looking for :-)

    Some thoughts: 1) I really need to know how slow the zooming is. Will I be able to nail the close ups in time? 2) Does it support recordings longer than 29 minutes? Hong Kong PAL import perhaps?

  • Can i ask what RX10 has more than A7 and why only the first is considered "video oriented"? Thanks.

  • @Renovatio, the RX10 is a Superzoom and has a 24-200mm F2.8 constant Aperture lens built in. Also has a built in ND. I would guess that those kinds of features are very good for a Video friendly camera to have.

  • The RX10 capabilities give me hope for an update to the RX100 in 2014.

  • @oscllian As a avid Digrev buyer myself I can tell you the HK models come with the same recording time limit. I also the guess that the zoom will be as slow as other bridge superzooms..nowhere as fast as a camcorder like the CX's

  • I dont know if I'm off topic @Vitaliy_Kiselev but Panasonic on the next GH? model has to go at least at 4k res with even more higher frame rates like 120fps.... I'll wait for that...And when is that going to be?

  • may the zoom go froom wide to tele really fast if you turn the ring manually?

  • Interesting. It's the bridge-camera I wanted in the past, but it never materialized -- until now.

  • Chinese Engadget has some video, the zoom looks fast enough for my needs :-)

  • Some sample photos. Videos are the usual youtube ones. Looks like a great still camera, far better at portraits than my RX100 in tele mode.

  • I pre-ordered one. My blackmagic pocket has already relegated my gh2 to backup when doing cinema work. For run and gun, this is going to my go to. My gh2 might be reaching the end. Sad.

  • Those JPEGs on photographyblog are really bad. Looks like watercolor painting. No details. I think they have turned on heavy noise reduction. But even then, one would think that at those low ISO, there would still be enough SNR to have some details, but no.

  • @John_Farragut Yeah I had a look at those jpegs and they didnt look good. It certainly looks like heavy NR is activated. I don't get results as bad as that on the rx100 so it must be down to some processing error. I would like to see raw samples.

  • @Mimirsan I find it strange. ISO 80, F4, 1/80 is all heavy NR -- watercolor smearing. But at those settings there shouldn't be any noise, so NR shouldn't kick in much.

    I heard Olympus gave in-camera RAW to JPEG tech to Sony. It seems they haven't implemented it yet.

  • the photographyblog samples .....something's amiss. I've seen better photos from an $80 p&s ! Sony better get him a new camera ....or maybe he screwed up.

  • @kurth

    As I know PB samples from many reviews, they are not really better :-) So, here you can be calm.

  • So, a RX10 (after 6 months) or 35-100mm F2.8? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • I just hope the image quality is quite good (especially in video mode). OR at least it´s good internally and very good over an external recorder. ^^ If it´s so (and if there are no other flaws) I will get it as a "run and gun" and podcast camera. (Altough I think - and fear - that the price will be WAY too high at the release =/ ...)


    I think it´s better to get the RX10 - IF it´s good (and affordable) ^^. Til now I found myself quite often using the GH2 just with the 14-140mm Power OIS (on the go). And also all in all it´s always nice to have a 2nd smaller solution (with good image quality) for run and gun purposes.

  • Btw.: Also check out the channel! There are a few sample videos. (And it seems to have the final firmware.)

  • Interesting comparison videos of the Sony A7 and Sony DSC RX10

  • I pretty much agree with newshooter, this is really useful introduction. Based on what I am seeing I could do about 80% of my paying gigs with this camera alone, it might even make a useful 'B' camera for my interview setups. There is a lot of whining about the price, but I think if you calculate the lens, audio and uncompressed output options, it is a good value. We need to see samples of some of that 4:2:2 output.