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Olympus hacks
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  • @invaders Could you share ready modified .bin file for firmware update? And, how to update the camera? Do you think it possible change 30p1080 video settings to 24p1080?

  • @invaders oly_fw_tools won't work (on two W7). It closes DOS window. Please share hacked .bin

  • any news here?

  • I'd prefer donate for clear hack of 24p and or 25p1080, it not so hard upload ready hacked firmware... With "how to" info, please!

  • Hey Act, I'll second that, this camera is crying out for a firmware hack/update, I'd love to help you on the bin.file, but i don't know anything about that, hopefully someone will come through on that, sadly it has gone very very quite on the topic

  • Sorry, but people above done the hack manipulation. Sorry them won't help...

  • out of interest, once firmware update becomes available for the E-M1, could that be engineered for the EM5, at least adding the higher bitrate and codec into it? not much in terms of hacking has gone this camera's way

  • @Vitaly_Kiselev My question is why are you not interesting at hack for Olympus EM5 or EPL5?

    After EM1 we loose any hopes for official Olympus update dedicated for video needs fo EM5. And I think, prices by EM5 will drop down soon. And your experience can make future hacks of EM1 easier.

    Now EM5, EP5 and EM1 are unique cameras and for me OMD make very good complain ti my continuously work with GH2. 5AXIS stabilization make every shot successful, it make me better videographer, because even unexpected shots looks more professional. I know that sensor by GH2 make better job at indoor and complicated colored lighting, but sensor of Olympus(Sony) make grate work at daylight, skin tone is very very good, green and blue colors so impressive at daylight, it lack at GH2. And there are better than GH2 low light capabilities as well, but very bad picture at colored light at EM5.

    There are two points for hack. Bitrate is first. If you can only help us better bitrate it could be enough.

    Second is framerate, as we heard some people made changing for 25fps if it not fake. Everybody (except PAL TV guys) will be happy with 24fps without 30p. It could be good if user can decide what framerate will be after hack if we can choose only one.

    Firmware update for this camera makes only with USB cable through PC, so technically it looks easier than make real *.bin file for GH2. If you need for hack operation money for hardware dumping, we can open request for donations.

    Thank you for your great input for modern video. Without your great job we could stay with only Canon DSLR's.

  • My question is why are you not interesting at hack for Olympus EM5 or EPL5?

    I have no time. Simple.

  • I have no skills, but would love to see a talented hacker work on this

  • hello people does anyone know this guy

    he seems to have gone someway in knowing how this camera works internally I emailed him, but had no response, this camera is crying out for a little bit of clever stuff all the best

  • Thanks Kuban , but not for HDMI :-(

  • donated with a hope for em-5 hack, this camera really needs one, and its much more popular then GH series...

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    And with utmost respect, do you have time to hack the gh3?


    (also, it's simple: we have two cameras, one it's just fine but without ibis. The other one, the em5, needs some hack but has a fantastic ibis. So, with the hack you can't put an ibis on the gh3, i guess. And you can't do Raw or ProRes, i guess. So, wasting time with gh3. You have to reach 250mb/s? For What? You have all intra 72mbps, it's fine already. Someone maybe believes it's a dream to run to take nothing, but that's all. On the other hand, we could have THE PERFECT CAMERA, just putting 24p-25p, and maybe push up a bit the frame rate. Ok, i can't do it because i don't know how, but if it's there someone that could and just says "no time, cause i choose the gh3 to hack" (when?), i guess someone is in mistake).

  • @Renovatio

    Try at least read this page from top.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Done, but even if i don't read, i know maybe you could. I know you are able to do it. No gifts, clear, but it's a general "economic speach" about choosing the right camera (ok, i would like it, i hope for it..who knows? in the future..maybe..)

  • Renovatio, just read any review or documentation about the Olympus OM-D E-M5 and how it realizes IBIS. Perhaps you will understand what you are asking, then.

    Of course, it may be a pity for you that Vitaliy chose to hack the GH3, but I think it's not up to you to say which camera he should hack or why (he is wrong in doing so or why another one would be better, i.e. more profitable to you).

  • Fortunately internet is still a "free country" .

  • I am also ready to bring donations.I promise to do it if I see working hack for my EP-L5

  • I think to make not just 24p projects with 30p-24p conforming of clips by Olympus and other footage 24pGH2, but make whole projects with GH2 at 29.97p, but my favorite editing software Avid MC not allows me use HBR GH2, because I'm not able to conform HBR to progressive with any transcoding software, it simple throws second field and footage became less sharp than 720p. So I bought second Olympus for B-Cam, EPL5 for normal speed 29.97p projects.

  • I think hack can't add us any additional framerates because camera hardware not allow it. But I believe if any Olympus firmware updates for EM1 can make that change with EM1, same way of firmware manipulation can be used for EM5. Now I just ask myself why so hard just increase bitrate of clips...

  • Donations for EM5 / EPL5 useless for Olympus hack because VK said that not interested to hack it because lack of time. Just cross fingers for EM1 official framerate update. Just sorry that Olympus can't make that serious step for DSLR video, like Canon 5DmkII firmware update at 2010.

  • Just had a quick read of the new Olympus Stylus, video wise it can shoot at higher frame rates, 120fps and 240fps but at much reduced resolutions. When this thread opened back in the day one of the contributors when through the firmware and discovered then the OMD EM-1 may be able to shoot at those frame rates but the features are locked. it might make a bit of sense now.

  • Just a slight correction to the post above, I meant the OMD EM5. Someone here on the forum had a look at some of the threads in the firmware and found references to 120 and 240, which when looking at the new olympus stylus may refer to the frame rates on the new olympus albeit at much reduced frame rates, I still think the OMD EM5 is a prime candidate to hack and turn into a decent video shooter, it's size, build quality colour rendition and dynamic range hopefully ignite your interest.

  • Hello, I'm proud owner of a Olympus "tough" TG-620

    I'm very happy with this camera ( only one who survived at least 2 years .. ) But it's although severelly lacking of manual mode or "timelapse mode" or even motion sensor mode like magic lantern or CHDK does ..

    May I help somehow, to get some custom firmware to enable new functions ?

    My favorite shall be : manual mode with 2 min exposure time ( for night pictures, astrophotography and so .. )

    Regards, ben