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Apertus Project: Opinions, discussion, etc.
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    I thought in this section there should be a discussion about the Apertus Project. ( )

    It sounds, at least for me, very promising and down to the ground and not too hipster like the digtial bloex, (which is, with all respect, beautyful).

    However, what are your opinions on it? After all, there is a lot going in the 4k sector and raw cinema development.

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  • They have a post up where they say they're looking at 4k and a 35mm format. And at that price point? Currently the setup costs around $2k with everything included. This is already bordering on the BMC, and in my opinion at least for now isn't worth investing in. I will be following it keenly though!

  • I've been reading into this and it seems like the holy grail already. The camera itself costs around $1000 and to get uncompressed dng raw at almost 3k resolution you only need to add a battery pack ($100), a hard drive (sata or ssd) and any ethernet capable device with an app to read video from it (these devices range from tablets to netbooks and laptops) to use as a viewfinder.

    The rest is basically up to you, although they also have a free dng converter and are making a free editibg suite.

    Oh and did I mention that it's open hardware aswell? If you have the knowhow you could basically use any sensor on it.

  • I have already commented on another forum, was that they should give a less powerful/ambitious system. It was before the bmc and in the end I think the success of the launch tells the story. An APSC size 2 k sensor (2.5) raw with at least 12 stop of DR would be the base. The DR is much more important for me than any 4k. Many people talk 4k, but how many can use/afford the size of these files. The zacuto test will show how much DR is important for indie filmmakers (much less light for fill etc). I hope it goes through but I think at this level it will be more of a laboratory, test camera.

  • I agree with the DR part, but I also took a look at the raw stills at their website. If you expose for highlights, you can get a lot of latitude out of this.

    Just download a sample or two and throw them into Photoshop or Aperture etc.

    Shadows are a lot more flexible in raw!

  • Images look great i think. And with open source it could be promising for anamorphic, next to the advantage of being open source of course. It seems they will go through Kickstarter as well :

  • Here's my problem with any of these cams, the cost. I bought my GH1s for around $300 new body only, and when the unhackable got hacked, that was the deal of the century. Now I paid $700 for my GH2, but when you factor in the hack, and you factor all the tests that have been done, it's still the best deal out there by $2000 easy.

    As a director(granted wannabe), grading to me is vastly overrated...I care more about story, acting, editing, etc... Worse case scenario, I shoot in B&W, and I've still got an image that looks as good or better than Pi and Clerks. I don't need RAW. 4:2:2 at sub $1000 would be good enough and if you could do RAW 1080p for $1k or less, EVERYBODY would buy that and wait months to get on the waiting list.

  • Fresh information. Looks very interesting, although I would question support.

  • @ahbleza

    This information had is just reposting from their site, we had info, but @No_SuRReNDeR removed it.

  • Doh! Sorry I just didnt want post a duplicate- Im sorry

  • Open Module Concept

    Modularity is of course nothing new: Analogue film and photographic (medium format) cameras have been built around systems using this principle for more than half a century. In the digital age, we believe our Open Module Concept not only makes Axiom 100% extendible, but that it also allows for a streamlined project management system when developing new modules for various hardware functionalities. With an open modular system, different teams can be working on separate modules in parallel, with an awareness of what each other is doing. This has the potential to encourage the sharing of designs and information, with a strong level of transparency toward the community. Disclaimer: This is a concept! What you can see below is a snapshot of our current ideas, and it does not mean everything will end up exactly like it is shown or described here. What it does indicate however, is the direction in which we are heading for the future




    It is sad to see another paper product with just ideas in current form.

    800 x 390 - 34K
    800 x 321 - 59K
    800 x 391 - 44K
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev "It is sad to see another paper product with just ideas in current form." But its a good direction and I really wish them luck! :)

  • Yes, problem here is that it seems that all they have is render.

    All concept is too complex for even small established firm.

  • Yep , was thinking the same, but maybe "the big guys" can take note which in turn will exclude the open source we are doomed ;)

  • @brunoalmeida

    I saw it. Whole idea is to do second start ala DB.
    Sound not good. Let's all hope I am wrong.

  • it has really good overall look!!!! im positive on the new direction they have takrn.

  • Could someone tell them not to focus only on 4k sensor. They must be geek to be building a camera and the 4k will look sexy for geeks. But if you are an actual user or even an artist 4k (more so when it is uncompressed raw) is not that important. When you see the fiasco of the BMD 4k camera with its banding and very low ISO and even the gh4 again with no improvement in ISO. Then it might be better for now to get a much more all rounder sensor that will give much better all round performance with better DR and Low light than just resolution. A 2.5k sensor like the BMD cinema camera with an olpf so that you don't have moire/aliasing and 60p, would be killer combo.

  • It seems that everything is shifted to Axiom Gamma

    Beta is a developer tool, without recording, battery, raw output modules. Good project, but I fear it will be old when it will be usable.

  • I am really lost. May be it is good idea to stop fantasies for them and focus on products?