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  • A few years ago Nvidia CEO said he would "open a can of whoop ass" on Intel. I thought he was suicidal but now I think he is on-track to trying to whoop every ass there is. AMD, Intel, all the phone chipmakers like Qualcomm, TI etc and now targets big dog Samsung and finds time to throw down on Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony with a handheld console design.

    I'm still looking for the video footage but I've read that someone at Nvidia is claiming that real time HDR processing using GPU compute on Tegra4 will allow mobiles to take better pictures than DSLRs. Well I don't know about photos but I think real time HDR will totally change the game when it comes to dynamic range in video recordings. Maybe an Nvidia camera running android will make showing at CES 2014.

    Personally I like the Nvidia Shield design - perhaps it was made for someone like me who has fond memories of using XBMC with xbox1 to watch movies and listen to music. Nvidia shield will of course be perfect candidate for an XBMC port and it will run 4k without breaking a sweat.

  • @vicx

    It is just good to understand that this things are highly underpowered even comparing to low end AMD integrated CPU + GPU. I am not talking about top offers :-)

    Right now it is big PR and marketing.

  • Yeah I thought a similar thing after posting. Probably that Nvidia would have preferred to win the contract for the PS4 (lost to AMD) and that also missed out on the next xbox means they need big PR to say they are still in the game. If the Nvidia Shield is a fallback plan I do hope it works out well for them.

    I hope the HDR stuff is not a PR stunt. I think cameras do need more powerful graphical processing and real-time HDR would be great. Who will be first?

  • If the Nvidia Shield is a fallback plan I do hope it works out well for them.

    You won't see thins thing. They constantly announce stuff, but never make it.
    Tegra 4 can be also very late in volume production, and no one know if companies will have force to fight Chinese at the time (check my today post with retina quad tablet below $220).

  • The whole recording of the Nvidia CES Event.

    I noticed that the parts in this I found interesting weren't really featured on engadget or other tech sites. Highlights out of a way too long presentation were

    • Nvidia Grid demo at 05.00
    • Jensen talking about computational photography at 53.00
    • Software defined radio at 1.01.00
    • Nvidia Shield running Google Play to a 4K TV over HDMI at 1.19.00
    • Shield playing a 4K movie trailer shortly afterwards
    • The audience sabotage the demonstration of PC game streaming by spamming the demo android units on stage with Google chat invitations 1.30.00 (funny but pity the tech guy)
    • Demo of the PC tethering actually working at 1.36.00 was pretty cool

    Overall none of the tech looked ready for prime time but it was a good peak at what 2014 will look like.

  • First Tegra Notes available

    Fly one Tablet PC 7 Inch IPS Screen Tegra 4 Android 4.2 1GB RAM 16GB GPS HDMI, $283 minus coupon


    454 x 480 - 50K
  • They won't ship until middle/end of next month. We're selling it too (ZOTAC).