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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • @caveport, I noticed this a few weeks ago when viewing the scopes/RGB parade while attempting colour correction/grade on some of the clips. I was baffled at the time, among other concerns. Cancelled two weeks ago when I was asked to pay the balance, I was near top of the pre-order list with my dealer. BMCC MFT on the radar, will move on it and cancel the BMPC if the ducks don't line up as sample footage, etc, is released in due course.

  • some dialogue between bmd staff and members owners etc of pocket cams going over on bm forum , one guy apparently has gotten his camera back from calibration already and seems fixed! we shall see

  • Here's an interesting and in-depth comparison between the BM Pocket Camera and the GH3.

  • The orb got fixed:

    So at the end it seems it was all about proper calibration.

  • It's good that they seem to be able to fix it - but asking people to pay for shipping to them for a 'courtesy service' (their words), ie. something that 'isn't really a fault, but if you're really picky we will do it for you' isn't on. Miscalibration is a clear fault and they should be offering a fully paid turnaround.

    They apparently rolled the Pocket out to a relatively few as there was always a danger of some issue with the production run models, so they were clearly ready for something like this. OK, if it would actually cause them to go bust, it's the lesser of two evils. Otherwise, cough up BMD.

  • @feonn

    Don't rush with conclusions. As this guys need something like this fast.
    Wait for many people to get cameras back and check the timing it will took.

  • Also, it seems that no one has yet throughly tested what effect, if any, the fix has on overall picture quality.

  • the other question is: if they really found a fast fix, how can we be sure we purchase a working camera or one that still needs calibration? As much as i like the idea of this camera, i really dislike how unprofessional BMD handles issues like that. send something on ones own costs back, because they released a dysfunctional product? please? for real?

  • Things are on a positive way now. The next couple of days should answer many questions.

  • It seems they've figured how to fix the technical issues. Thanks to everyone in front of me in the pre-order line that cancelled!

  • @mpgxsvcd

    I do find this to be the ultimate irony... people here get all worked up over still images from motion frames blown up 400% to show off the hacks yet they think easily visible ugly white orbs are no big deal?

    I suppose what is a big deal to one person is an easy work around to someone else. I feel like my standards for quality are lower than a lot of people on here but that would be a deal breaker for me. Even the total layman (ie: our clients) will notice this and wonder what the hell is going on.

  • @philipliptez, this comes from the head of supplies at the company I worked for :

    I'm glad your c100 turned out to be perfect. Some people out there have been reporting troubles with the handle in c100 and c300. They say after a few mount and unmount some either the joystick or the record button becomes flaky. Apparently Canon is aware of the issue. So far the best workaround has been mentioned is " make sure you don't remove the handle after the first proper installation ".

  • @Mikhailk, How civilized of you to mention your preference rather than listing demands and stumping with the hope of getting attention.

    There is an awesome camera out there with awesome features and unacceptable flaws for some consumers. The said camera is at it's fist revision. It's under $1000 buy it or move on - as you have. I am very glad you manage making your mind.

  • @stip, I'm glad to see you are reporting " things are on a positive way now ". Good thing you didn't listen to me and kept the damn buggy camera !

  • Check out this BMD forum. The user 'Mataikan' apparently sent his in for calibration and had good results. He also will be posting a video soon.

  • I know this is a little late in the game, but I finally tested my modified Rainbow TV Zoom lens using the procedure on EOSHD website.
    The 2/3" lens (11.5-69mm f1.4) does cover the BMPCC S16 sensor with only minor vignetting on the wide end. Here's the photos:

    1920 x 1080 - 422K
    1920 x 1080 - 337K
  • here's is the video for the recalibrated BMPCC.

  • wow, check out the jello at the end. Good times.

  • @shian, it's warp stabilizer not jello

  • bad warp stabilizing, good times.

  • @dbp

    I couldn't agree more.

  • @MaulKentor

    here's is the video for the recalibrated BMPCC.

    That still looks broken to me.

  • Apparently the guy at 0:34 was just informed about the fix after cancelling his pre-order...

  • But here it looks G000D... :) seems really fixed!!