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Powering GH2
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  • By reading everything in this thread, you should be able to figure that out yourself. Right?

  • @MbhuyKo : In the video review posted by Riker ....

  • Hi everybody. I want to build the DC coupler for my GH2 using a non original battery - wich doesn't work so well. The question is: is it enough to connect power directly to positive and negative pins of the battery, or does the original coupler have any chip or sort of circuit to regulate voltage or current, perhaps attached to the remaining pins? For the AC power I got the original AC8 supply, for extra portable power I wish to buy one of those 3 output batteries (5 + 9 + 12)...

  • I would just like to add that I have been experimenting with the power supply posted by Riker. It works but sometimes I notice that the voltage on the battery once in a while drops below the required GH2 minimum leading to "This battery cannot be used...". It might drop voltage if I accidentally jostle the battery too much, or just out of the blue. A power-off and power-on will reset it back to normal in most cases (however there was one time I had to reset it 3 times before it stabilized)

  • Looking at doing Riker's solution. No issues from anyone about variance on the voltage or anything like that? Also, anyone here had issues with getting their audio recorder running off the same battery to work properly while sending phantom to a mic? (Looking at getting Tascam DR60-D which would be run off 5v from the usb on same battery.) Tascam's manual says there might be an issue depending on which computer is sending the voltage via usb... but they don't elaborate.

    If that's all good, just need to figure how to attach to rig!!!