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Black Magic: Official $1,995 raw cinema camera topic, series 2
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  • @sammy

    I plan to get the GX7 with hopes it'll be hacked at some point. It's a great stills camera that will do 1080 60p like the GH3 when I must have it, and it will share the same lenses as my BMCC MFT and my BMPCC. I like the specs and size better than the GH3 personally. Plus to me the images and video I've seen so far look better than anything I've seen from the GH3.

  • Not sure if I've seen this here but if it's a double post then...shame on me. Have you guys and girls ever seen the resolution comparison between the Canon C500, BMCC, F55 and Red Scarlet? I was getting concerned and tired of seeing all of the sub par videos coming from the BMCC until I looked at the following resolution comparison. I can't believe how bad the F55 did for a camera in its price range vs the others.

    The BMCC actually did pretty good.

    Also, there is a new mosaic filter coming out for the BMCC. Looks pretty good.


  • @Brian202020 - I like the GX7, too. However, if there a client standing there, I would be laughed off the premises if I were to pull out something resembling a point and shoot.

  • Sorry if this has been asked before but has anyone used a hacked GH2 as B cam to BMCC? I'm wondering if I can get away with it then can cancel the BMPCC I have on order which is currently not looking so hot - though I suspect the poor footage is more to do with how it's been used than the thing itself.

  • @belfryman hacked gh2 works like a charm alongside bmcc in most conditions. Can be difficult to match in sunny weather though as the differences in DR become apparent. However, it also means you have to correct the bmcc towards the gh2 in general and not the other way around.

    Here´s a production where I used both cams:

    (you can DL the original upload if you want to) In this instance I went for a s16 look which is a bit forgiving but there was a huge discrepancy in-between lighting conditions for the daylight exteriors. (also in-between cameras)

  • @RRRR Jesus, she must have been freezing! They all must! Thanks for that, how did you compress it, toggling HD didn't seem to make any difference. Took a look at your rabbit hole, that ice and water stuff was just gorgeous, who needs anything other than a GH2 really!

  • It´s 720p only. I wanted a little leverage since it´s my first work with animation involved and because the water scenes (above and under) were not easily controlled! (some shots required a bit of re-framing) :)

    For instance I was heavily under-staffed for the shots for the ending, could not get b/c photographers so I shot multiple cams and had the producer to shoot one cam with guidelines about what to do. Still the swimmers had to do the same thing 4-5 times (the singer just a couple of times).. :)

    Yeah, the gh2 looks great! I´m going to do some serious LUT´s (daylight and tungsten balanced) to be able to quickly match the gh2, bmd and fs700 (in resolve and premiere / ae)

    Texture is not so radically different that it can´t be done.

  • Cool. Well I know enough to know I should ask how those LUTs work! Not done any proper grading before, just the simple push and pull in FCPX. Off to get my BMCC now! That under water stuff was neat. I know the 'I do everything' scenario too well, been running 3 cameras and sound on my own when trying to focus on directing performance! Could join the Chinese State Circus now.

  • Hehe.. well, I can send the Resolve LUT´s once they are done.. though I reckon there will be some differences depending on the settings used in-cam (gh2). I personally only shoot smooth -2 all the way.

  • I shoot very bumpy and never quite finish! Camera arrived so going to get myself to do dull stuff before having my Xmas!

  • That would be awesome.

  • The amount of fan noise I'm getting with the on board mic is enormous. I don't expect it to be great obviously, but the fan is so loud it's incredible. Is this normal?

  • Is everyone's BMCC audio this bad or is it just mine?

  • @berryman I haven't tested out the audio on mine yet... I'm afraid to because...

    I just received my camera today with a bundled 480GB Kingston SSDNOW KC300 SSD. On the website, the company notes the hard drive is certified by Blackmagic:

    But it's not on this list:

    So now I'm afraid to open the SSD plastic packaging because I might find out my SSD drops frames on my camera. Or worse, it might not even work because the drive is 7mm thick with a 2mm thick shim. All certified drives are 9mm thick. I'm worried about the pins of the SSD making solid contact with the connector in the camera.

    I emailed the company and am waiting on their response.

    Anyone think I should just risk it and bust that SSD out of the package and hope for the best? I was just so excited to finally get my camera today :/

  • @Wilbo

    Congrats, you finally bit the bullet and got yours. I got Intel 335 and 520 series SSDs, 256GB. Works very well with the camera, and is one of those on the "supported" list. See if you can find them at your stores.

    Have you been following the "blooming golfballs" issue in BMPCC footage? Thank God we bailed out from the small guy!

  • @Wilbo I'd got for one on the list, it's so hard getting things that are supposed to work to work I wouldn't tkae a chance on anything else! On the +ve side my fan seems to have quietened down, inexplicably, and with rode VMP (which i don't much like) the sound is clean enough so I feel happier. The pictures are great. Watch out for the casing, mine scratched when a feeble magic arm decided to rest itself on there for a bit.

  • Hate to the the bearer of bad news, but I would not go with any other SSD outside of Sandisk 240GB.

    There have been reports of Kingstons and Intels failing/dropping frames, and even the Sandisk 480GB failing. But, I think in the year that the camera has been around, one report of a Sandisk 240GB Dropping frames and I believe it was because of a loose hard drive bay from the camera being used so much.

    I have 4 240GB Sandisk SSDs, have had at least two of them for about a year and (knocking on wood) haven't had a SINGLE dropped frame, and I've definitely pulled down an excess of say 15TB of footage (non redundant) from the camera.

    I guess this information isn't readily available on this forum, but there are some reports elsewhere.

  • @kholi did you have any "no sad" issue? I read today a topic on the BMD forum regarding that. It happened to a sandisk 240.

    I'm waiting for my bmcc to arrive and I've got 2x 240 sandisks, so I hope thats the most safe choice from all ssds.

  • I'm sure with firmware updates they are fixing compatibility issues. There was a time early on where the 240GB Sandisk wasn't supported for the BMCC or Hyperdeck Shuttle (which the BMCC is based on). I can say I had the 240GB and tried to use it with my Hyperdeck Shuttle back then, and before it was officially supported it dropped frames every time I shot uncompressed. Even tho it wasn't supported at the time, it did work great for DNxHD tho. Anyway there have been firmware updates since people had issues with particular SSD's and there will be more to come, and each one will help with compatibility. I've shot maybe 10TB exclusively on 480GB Sandisk's with my Hyperdeck Shuttle and BMCC without an issues.

  • 240 Sandisk Extremes working fine for me. ProRes and RAW. Plowing away. I'm sure at some point, at some time, for some reason, every SSD will drop a frame or two, or even go down. It's just the nature of the beast but it's easy to find info on ones that are working for the majority of people. I've even dropped frames with my GH2 and the beloved 64GB 95mbs cards and you can't get better than that for the GH2.

  • Thanks for the help guys!! .My retailer got back to me. Said most of the recommended 480gb drives are outdated models and that my Kingston drive should be even faster than the older recommended drives. I guess I have to decide whether to test it out or sell it new and pick up 1 or 2 SanDisk 240gb drives... Decisions decisions

  • @Feonn

    Nope, never no SSD issue, but that might have been a 480gb. The thing is, some people aren't actually formatting their drives right before they post things on forums. Happens. xD


    Really, and this is just me so of course take it or leave it my friend, but I would rather have two 240gbs over one 480gb any day: It's a matter of security, because if you lose that 480gb for any reason then you lose everything on it.

    at least with 240s you can A) separate/manage your data and B) offload data while you continue to roll.

    This has sorta been the way I've worked with all media, though, so grain of salt!

  • I've had four sandisk 240's now for over a year and they haven't skipped a beat. No dropped frames ever and I've been using them for in both RAW and ProRes. I think I've only seen one person report a failed 240, probably the same guy Kholi saw.

    I have lost OCZ SSD's though.....


  • I had a 480 g issue, but I'm not sure if it was user error on my part. I was able to get everything back thanks to Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac. The wrong drive was accidentally connected to the SSD Dock via FW. That drive was a small G tech that was not hooked up to AC power.

  • @johnbrawley

    As I said earlier I had dropped frames any time I tried to shoot uncompressed with the Sandisk 240GB in the Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 before the Sandisk 240GB was supported. Does that count? or does it have to be the BMCC?