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SLR Magic 2x ANAMORPHIC lens
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  • If Panasonic had implemented 4:3 video recording, 2x anamorphic lens would have given some stunning result.

  • @slrmagic Great to see this project is still moving forward. I wonder why more companies are not pursuing anamorphic solutions for low budget filmmakers. I imagine it's fairly difficult to design a nice anamorphic lens/adapter but at the same time the LA7200 seems very simple in its design with only a couple optical elements. Obviously the LA7200 isn't perfect but the desire for anamorphic options has made it one of the more popular choices. Could a similar design be implemented in a modern adapter?

  • @Xenocide38 The LA7200 is a simple design but with large optical elements made some time ago. It would not cost the same if made brand new for todays standards. It is quite a bargain if you can buy a used copy at a good price. The LA7200 was designed for use on smaller sensors and a LA7200 designed for four thirds sensor and above would definitely cost much more to manufacture than the current version made for DV format.

  • Met up with @ed_lee83 this morning. He is kind enough to offer to shoot some anamorphic sample footage for everyone to see how our v2 prototype performs. He has experience with using Iscorama, Hypergonar, Lomo, and Kowa anamorphics in the past so he will be able to give some good feedback on how our anamorphic differs from the legacy options.

  • 1st time poster, but this all sounds very promising and exciting. I've been waiting for someone to make an anamorphic for this new age of filmmakers.

  • Hi, enjoying the conversation, very insightful. I just picked up a hypergonar, anyone familiar with that lens? What's a good taking lens at the widest for m4/3 or S16 and can it work on S35? Thanks


  • I just managed to get a Kowa Bell & Howell 2x in excellent condition off eBay. As already mentioned if only Panasonic had implemented a high quality 4:3 mode then a 2x adapter would have been perfect. I'm currently attempting to purchase some Redstan clamps from Redstan but aren't having much luck as Redstan's online purchasing is not working.

    Recently discovered this clip on Vimeo. I don't know the technical details other than it's around 3.55 to 1 which suggests it was shot in 16:9 using a 2x anamorphic...

  • Hello peeps, So here's a little test video I shot with SLR Magic's prototype lens. Didn't have quite the time to do a big epic piece but it at least shows you how the flares are and how it does at night. Read my description for more info! Shot with GH2 (unhacked).

  • thanks @ed_lee83 for the footage! As this prototype lens has no lens coating, lots of flare is expected. Lens coating can easily remove the flares. We will now work on testing various lens coating for the desired flare effect.

  • @slrmagic

    Nice job Andrew!!

  • @vicharris I work on the lenses but its our volunteers that put them to show time so props to them and props to @ed_lee83 making the lens look nice =)

    I actually made a 17mm T1.6 footage that a volunteer helped me edit. His feedback was "Andrew, heres the edit but by posting this footage the lens will look bad". Well, may not be quoted that way but it's around those lines. I had a weeks thought and did not share the video. We will have some good footage from that prototype lens soon. It's the same reason I only showed still frame grabs earlier as my footage is no where close to @ed_lee83 footage. Do you still remember our v1 prototype? Yeah, I think that's the best shot already. Not to mention I couldn't do the editing =P

  • I liked the style of that demo @ed_lee83 :)

    @slrmagic It was a cool looking effect with so much flare.

  • @thepalalias if you look at tweets for @slrmagic you can see we have mixed opinions on the crazy uncoated flare. Some like it and some did not like it at all. We will try to find the right balance.

  • @slrmagic I'm not trying to say "don't do what you were planning on doing". I just meant that it was nice to see that it was able to look this good without coating. Not making a suggestion at all. :)

  • @thepalalias Yes it was clear it was not a suggestion.

    We wanted to see how extreme flare can get without coating and this is the extreme test. The extreme of flare is no flare so we do not need to test that. We will now work on the in-between kind of flare that we think should be best.

  • Well, I would consider the "extreme test" a success.

    This really was one of my favorite anamorphic test videos to date by anyone using any equipment.

  • Seems like your optics is producing quite a modern anamorphic look. Pretty clean and crisp, apart from some shots which I guess where shot wide open (or close to). Flares to me were excessive but like you said, it´s something you will work on.

    I think you are onto a very interesting alternative for the low budget shooter. I can certainly see myself using it in productions where a sort of neutral 2.40:1 is desired. Looking forward to the end result.

  • Flares look perfect to me. They remind me of my Bolex.

  • I second that. Flares look good as is. I'd prefer no coating at all.

  • @slrmagic Yep, I remember the 17mm stuff you sent me awhile back. Remember we talked about it too ;) Sorry I haven't gotten around to the Voight 17.5 tests for you. My BMCC came in and I've been swamped with it.

  • @thepalalias thanks for that compliment. Two years ago when I got anamorphic fever I did a shit load of test videos (all on my Vimeo). Testing SLR Magic's lens was a bit of nostalgia :) I also made the Hypergonar Hi Fi 2 famous... it was massive but still one of my favourite optics to date.

  • anamorphic seems to become another word for this flare effect . although anamorphic is an optical word for adding space and going wider. the side effect which is this flair is certainly hip now but will be hated tomorrow, then all your footage will look old and jaded, you will put the lens on a shelve and no one will buy or sell these lenses anymore. worst of all you can never remove these flares anymore from your footage ...LOL..

    please don't make these flares so aggressive, the main effect we need is really only the widening of field of view with normal length lenses ,to avoid shooting with wide lenses which only distort , and never really look like in a real-world way, which something like a 30mm or 40mm would.

    its much smarter to have only a little of this flare occurring and ad the rest in post in a controlled customized way.

    the main factor and effect i would ever need is when shooting with a 30-60mm but have the width of a 17mm and up , and that without any distortion anywhere , this seems to be something no one is talking about , but still everyone is consuming it when watching Movies.

    its like talking about the hot dogs stands only , while you are watching some world championship game . and utterly ignoring the game itself.

    a solution could be you offer 3 styles:

    --A: no flares

    --B: between no flares and a lomo ( which was used for the odysee2001)

    --C: like a lomo

    manufacture only a limited amount first, see what sells most, this way you will not sit on stock and go bancrupt.


  • @akos I don't see the anamorphic trend going anywhere anytime soon, just as cross dissolves, strobe, and any other effect considered trendy never completely goes away.

    People shouldn't have regrets about their footage if they know what they are getting going into it, worst case you shoot over and take it as a loss.

  • I second that. Flares look good as is. I'd prefer no coating at all.

    Not everyone is looking for a music video effects lens.

  • Slr magic should sell a coated and uncoated (or alt coating) version of the lens. Money to be made!

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